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Ca final student

blind rizvi (Article) (94 Points)

05 December 2010  

friends please help me out,actually I'm a ca final student soon will be able to clear the ca exams but I fear that I won't get a good job as my communication skill is very poor.Does communication skill play important role even if I have a ca degree.

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Manmohan ACA, CS (Chartered Accountant ) (14243 Points)
Replied 05 December 2010

Originally posted by : blind rizvi

friends please help me out,actually I'm a ca final student soon will be able to clear the ca exams but I fear that I won't get a good job as my communication skill is very poor.Does communication skill play important role even if I have a ca degree.

dear friends I am afraid of same .


 expert please give some practical advice 

shivani (ca final student) (89 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

same problem here

Rohan (CA Finalist) (359 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010


As long as you pass and have decent enough skills to clear the interview, the rest should not be a problem, for your colleagues in office will rarely be the types who speak english all the time. Generally people resort to the mother tongue even in offices.

As for the interview part, first you all must know the words, then learn how to pronounce the words and then be comfortable with using them in your conversation. Remember,the smarter people are,the simpler they will speak, so do the same okay!

Start by,

1) Reading the Editorials,everyday in the English newspaper

2) Make a list of all the words you cant understand and check them out from the dictionary

3) Find someone who is good in english and whom you can converse with,tell him to correct your pronunciation,your usage,your vocabulary

4) Write. Atleast  twice a week sit down with pen and paper and write about something,any topic will do and just one page is sufficient.

Improving communication skills takes time and effort,but then what doesn't? Since the results are a month away for you all,I guess, take the time from now to result day to improve yourself.

A helpful tool in the 3 points mentioned above would be asking your MBA friends/hopefuls for their English Grammar booklets - should help!

Pawan Kr. Tomar (CA) (169 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

If u have cleared your CA exams then normal communication skill will help u to get good job. 

CA Bhupinder Arora (Accounts Executive) (76 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

Don't be afraid rizvi , just be confident on yourself and go ahead for all types of interview. Once you gave an interview then your confidence level be increased, so don't loose your moral. My wishes are always with you.

Best of luck.


neha (article) (33 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

Can anyone pls tell me abt vinod gupta n deepak gupta sir's upcoming batches??

CA Mayur Sojrani (CA) (318 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

agree with bhupinder.....!

communication skill is more a mind game....

just boost u r confidence...!

 go ahead for all types of interview with the only thinking in mind wheather they select me or not I don't care & it's the industry which is in need & not us...!

really it will boost u r confidence..!

Try to go for interview  first where u don't want to work. simply  for our pratice match


I dont know why people dont believe themselves......come on have faith in urself.U know its very important to have confidence in urself.....and ur abilities....it shud be from within a person ..a feeling called self belief......Im not giving u ne lecture my friend...im myself 21 years old...havnt faced any major interview yet....but i just want to share with u all wat i believe in.....u just need to know to express urself nothing else.....in an interview ...u have to keep ur point, and speak wat u believe in.I dont think interview is ever to judge ur english skills(in case of CA)......u just need to connect to a topic and express urself, u have to make an interviewer believe that u r best person for this job......yaar communication skill se kya pata chalta hai....perhaps maybe u dont speak much like me(but..i can write well)....thats why u r scared of an interview......My friend u dont have to give a speach in front of an interviewer ...u r not a politician.Keep it simple, yet powerful......dont u feel a resume is like blowing ur own trumpet(maine ye sab kiya hai dekho,).....I think in an interview u have to make a person believe that u r right for that post.....and if they dont take u...wat all they gonna lose(human resourse is an asset)................be confident dear,u have to highlight...ur abilities...in an interview.....nothing else....I believe in simple living and high thinking...i dont believe in possessing ne such interview skill.......cos if u have only interview skill,u will clear an interview maybe.....but if u fail to prove urself good enough after that....u will soon be thrown out.......I think its always good to be wat u r ....rather than wearing a mask and going for an interview.....U have written u have poor communication skill.....i mean how do u know u have poor communication skill....Do u have problem speaking fluently in english,expressing urself or r u an introvert???????????? im asking u this bcos if it is ne of the above ....i think its not a problem....u can overcome it.........Come on ...just have the belief in u...no one can stop u from achieving wat u want to achieve.


in simple words i just want to say..........remember the hardwork u hav put in to bcom CA .......now just think will u allow a thing like communication skill..stop u from achieving ur dreams???????????.........

C.A. Prasad Bhumkar (prop) (52 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

reading english books will also help you  a lot...

Sareen (CA Student) (181 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

if you will think that your english is poor than others will also think the same

go in front of the mirror and say to yourself that you can


Communication skills .. y r u getting so worried . they wil nt  ask anything wrong. they wil jst check ur knowledge level. N this is wht u hav already given in ur EXAMS. When u can express ur ideas in exams then y nt here. jst say to urself u can do it easily. Nothing wil go wrong.

Dont make urself confuse over ur communication skills. Stop judging urself over the comments of others or by ur low negetive thoughts,. everyday is new.So  B positive.

Best of luck

viral bhagdev (student) (46 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

@ rizvi, dont b afraid if u dont have comm skills. be original as chartered's degree is important, comm skill is secondary. it wont make a big diffrence. goahead..

C.A Sandeep J Nambiar (Chartered Accountant ) (262 Points)
Replied 06 December 2010

I am also little poor in communication skills.But currently I am undergoing G.M.C.S Course and it has proved very helpful to me to improve my skills . So, first I would like to ask you whether you have undertaken the G.M.C.S Course. If u have not, then kindly join at the earliest. It will help u a lot to improve your communication skills.

Also I think basic interpersonal and communication skills is essentially required to move up in the corporate ladder. If u have an idea, and u can't communicate it well, there is no use of the idea .

So, I feel to some extent comunication skills plays a vital role in distinguishing ourselves from the other professionals to get that edge in this corporate world .

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