Ca final second group revision strategy

please suggest the sequence for revision of costing , isca, idt and dt. I am having Nov 2015 attempt and very nervous bcoz I had not prepared well.
Company Secretary CS & CA (F)

If you had not prepared well.... the best and safe strategy is to solve all past question papers... try to solve it even if you dont know the answer. Let it be wrong.... no body is going to punish you at home but if you cant solve in exam it will cost you.


Step 1 : download question papers from May 2010 to May 2015 (available at ICAI knowledge portal)


Step 2 : complete entire question paper like this then take scanner see the answers and you will come to know your mistakes.....


Step 3 : resolve the same question paper. You will be able to solve it with 80% accuracy.


Do all 5 years papers. (May 2010 to May 2015) ICAI's basic structure of question will remain same, nothing will come beyond the basic structure, they just spin the question at max. and most imp repeat rate is 60% so in the coming exam you can score very well 50-55 marks very easily and with 100% accuracy. thats sure.

For DT and IDT subjects previous question papers are not relevant so solve mock test papers 2 for nov and 2 for may 15 + 3 model question papers are given at the end of scanner. + download from net (padhuka's website has lot of question papers) so solve atleast 10 question papers for each subject in the manner given above.


this idea i got just now after coming from today's FR exam. I hv done all the questions from practice manual but still i was not able to solve the question in the exam.

The main problem we do while studying is that we see the answer first and then copy paste it, so we fail to answer the same question in exam. Thats why solving on our own is the best solution as per my opinion. i am now solving SFM all question papers and have finished Nov 2010 question paper and i come to know my mistakes. please follow the above strategy you have enough time to pass the exam. Do only exam oriented preparation.

NOW IN THIS SMALL TIME Dont read books. just solve question papers and do amendment material. All the best.


Karan thank you for good tips I have all studies but I feel I lacked somewhere. And karan one question it's my first attempt. I have studied all subjects equally and I fear 3 practical subjects and dt and idt cases...I don't understand what actually they want in cases.. In practical I solved logically...if impressed then goood... I want to know... is it ok if I give importance equally to all subjects and do few chaps with less importance which I feel tough or not important. pm for sfm... allied law only from pm... marginal and sc from pm...

Thanks karan for ur advice.. Hope this will work out for me..

Sachin did FR and SFM strategy worked??


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