CA Final Exam Form

Yash Dave (Finance Director and Company S)   (176 Points)

12 February 2008  


I have following queries with regards to the final exam form.

Part - A

1- Under item no 10, last appearance details of final- My last attempt was in May 2002, now i dont have the roll number, is it compulsory to fill in the roll number? I dont have roll number details.

2 - Under item no 14, It says Eligibility Certificate Number - which eligibility certificate they are talking about? I dont have it, can you please guide me what to do.

Part - B

1 - Under 10a - It asks for the details of last three final apprerance - I dont have it- Is it compulsory to fill out? Please guide me.

My problem is i live in London and i dont have any other help to fill out this exam form.

It would be much appreciated if you guys can able to guide me. I tried to contact Institute for several times but these people are not very helpful.

Looking forward to your reply.


Yash Dave