Ca final-both groups or single-confused

AASHI (Pursuing articleship) (1482 Points)

15 July 2014  

Dear all,

I am a CA Final Student.

I am confused shall I attempt both groups or single group in May 2015. My situation:-

Attempt due- May 2015.

Articleship-Going. Small firm. Lineant. 11-5. Will get 6 months leave. Currently 280 days left.

IPCC Group I- 5 attempts

IPCC Group II- 3 attempts

Classes completed- Accounts, AS and AMA.

Classes running- Audit, SFM and IDT.

Classes Left- DT and law.(For the last six months)

Self study- ISCA.

My problem- I read, I understand also but I forget. To get a 100% grip over any concept I have to revise atleast 3 times. I get negative feelings quite often which leads to low morale. After so many failures in IPCC i dont want any in finals. 

Guys, Please suggest in detail.

Books reffering-

Accounts- Parveen Sharma Sir notes

AS- DS Rawat Sir Book

Audit- Surbhi Bansal Mam Book

SFM- Coaching Notes/SD Bala

IDTL- Vineet Sodhani Sir Book

Cost- Padhuka.