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CA.Sidhartha S Pillai (Chartered Accountant) (526 Points)

15 August 2013  

I had written this Article in the summer of 2012 to benefit the students who were preparing for their examinations,,,,, I was a student of CA Final then,,,,  now I think there is a need to reintroduce this article after I qualified in CA Final in November 2012,,,,,,,, For the fruitful discussion with those who are devoted to studies and preparing hard for exams,,,, Read on,,,,,,,

 Nothing is easy or tough in this world. But thinking makes it !

I would appeal to you to take the examples from the lives of real life warriors who faced difficullties yet overcame them with their concrete positive mind-set.

  Think of Alexander, who lived in BC s where there was no facilty to know the world, who set out his journey from Greece, just relying on an advise from his Master Aristotle. He fought 33 battles all the way from Greece to India, and won all without being defeated in any one,,,, he returned after being fascinated by the beuty and variety of our country India and by being influenced of the ideas of our rich culture,,,and remember,,, while returning ,he died at the age of just 33,,, the age which is little above of all ours...........

Then think about Swami Vivekananda, who travelled alone to America just at the age of 30 in order to convey the messages about our rich cultural heritage, taught by his Great Master Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, faced several difficulties in that alien country, even starved, fell on the road nearby a dust bin on the pavement when he was found thus lying by a gentle lady whose husband ultimately managed to make him participate the Parliament of World Religions in which he roared like a lion about the heritage which India possesses!

love your motherland... Think that you are studying to serve our mother.... Born in a country where such illuminated souls were born, why do you fear!!!!!!!!

Think about the great American leader and the greatest President America has ever seen, ABRAHAM LINCOLN,,,,,,born in a very poor family in a one-room log cabin,,,, who though his courage and hard-work and love for his nation combited with a well-groomed acumen, despite boggled down by failures went on to became The President of United States, whose photo appears on American Dollar alonwith some of the other historical persons like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington....  

    Why do you fear..... never fear studies... take studies as your friend,,, definitely you wil find your ways to tackle your learning problems....

study the whole syllabus... never leave anything

Write down on a piece of paper what problems you are facing while studying,,, Write 10 points, yes , you Must write at least 10,,,

Take another peace of paper ,,, write your own customed solutions to those problems... write only what is practicable,,

if you think you need more time than allotted, stretch your study plan to buy more time.... Tats called Time Manangement, yes, you must at least do this

  1.Study modules are the best,,, they are common material from Kashmir to Kanyakumari,,, Make brief notes from material,,, Ask yourself questions while studying module and answer them on your note,,, don't write everything,,, everything is nt important

  2.Scan some original question papers and try to understand the requirements,,, this is "Requirements Analysis"

  3.Put down those requirements in a piece of paper. Show the paper to your teacher,,,, This will confirm your requirements  

4.Then prepare a "Design" for studies,,, which may be divided into modules for easy implementation

  5.Prepare a good environment for studies,,, i.e. your study room....."Install" all materials required for studies in such environment... 

  6.Install "Anti-negative thoughts guard'' in your brain

  7.Now since the brain is motivated, then jump into a huge "Implementation" program...

don't look sideways.... just study  

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Intelligent!!!!

 Success will be yours, oh my courageos warriors!!!!


 7 Replies

Chitra Alagappan (BCOM., CA Final) (464 Points)
Replied 15 August 2013

Thanks for sharing a Motivational article.

CA.Sidhartha S Pillai (Chartered Accountant) (526 Points)
Replied 15 August 2013

your welcome, chitra. I am honoured

Ayyswariya RG (Knowledge Seeker) (3706 Points)
Replied 15 August 2013

Very nice article yes  The best part was "Anti-negative thoughts guard" laugh enlightened

CA.Sidhartha S Pillai (Chartered Accountant) (526 Points)
Replied 15 August 2013

really, aiswarya. we need to have anti-negative thoughts guard for every venture we undertake

Ayyswariya RG (Knowledge Seeker) (3706 Points)
Replied 15 August 2013

Originally posted by : CA Sidhartha Sankar Pillai

really, aiswarya. we need to have anti-negative thoughts guard for every venture we undertake


Gurpreet singh (Student) (138 Points)
Replied 17 August 2013

Very very motivational article......


Nice article with great motivation....thanks for sharing sir....yes

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