Ca ammit aggarwal- fail in 5 subject to rankholder

Arpita shah (CA) (41 Points)

06 December 2017  

“”To start with I always wanted to be a professional singer and thought I will do MBA along with to secure my future””

But life took a turn when I was in hons second year and i filled the form of CA-CPT ..but then since I was doing regular college I could get no time for taking coaching and i did not took any coaching or did not read anything about CPT . I was giving my hons exams and when exam ended I got one day off and the very next day was CPT exam . my parents said at least appear for exam you will have some experience . I did the same . but to my surprise I got passed scoring 100/200 marks . was feeling lucky , I was really surprised . I did read nothing about cpt except I have law in . but I always hate Math that’s the reason I agree to join CA .

Now coming to IPCC .. here I took classes from tax and cost fm from none other than ajay jain sir and purushottam sir .other subjects i refer p c tulsian book for accountancy. I really liked law so I spent all my time studying law again and again and end up scoring only 65 marks . I know u wont believe I was so over confident that I thought I will finish everything 1 month before exam . and it really made me sick as the course was huge but I manage to cover 60-70% of syllabus . I cleared my ipcc exam I scored 53% marks .

Here comes the Final which changed my perspective about life. This time as all the teachers and friends already occupied my mind that CA FINAL IS VERY VERY HARD … I started preparing from the very beginning . I was consistent from the very beginning . then I appeared for Nov 2016 Exams and I failed in 5 subjects . but scored exemption in IDT. I was really shocking and I was shattered . then I sat down and analysis what went wrong . realized that only preparing syllabus is not enough there are some extra things which one should focus on to score(you can call rank holder’s secret) and the very next attempt I gave my 200% and

I scored good marks (574/800 marks) . which is in Top 10 rankholder . but since I claimed exemption in IDT so I was awarded no rank . Now I have made a profile and am helping students and guiding them to be exam oriented and score more .

To be concise about the changes i adopted while preparing second time for my exams are full coverage of Pm and writing practice is must for ca students . we never do writing practice . i made glossary of words as in case of law audit and isca and learnt all of them so that i can use those technical words in my answers . the second most important thing is give mock test paper they are very useful you learn time management and you are able to perform better in those 3 hour in exam hall . i refer institute mat for theory subjects i made my own summary for Audit . i have shared the pdf link of my audit summary notes you can download .Revision is very important for exam . what we study today , we forgot 80% next day if we dont revise . i followed 1247 technique for revision . another aspect is your presentation . i have good handwriting and that proved to be negative in my case so when i gave second attempt i wrote only in legible manner and underlined the main words which i wanted examiner to see . examiners are too lazy to read your complete answers . so these are some tips u can follow too

i would like to advice if u have any passion then do follow that too but u need to balance your life and secure it for future . education plays a very important role so never leave education . you need 10,000 hours only to be master at every thing in your life thats approximately 416 days .. so take 2 year and master at your passion , success will follow . its very sad to see many CA students are committing suicide these days . do not be stressed about anything , always have a friend in your life with whom you can share everything , all your problems . if you dont have any such friends you can message me i will listen to you , share your pain and give u good advice . i can feel the pain as i also lost my best friend from childhood , he committed suicide as he failed thrice in ipcc .

i have taken classical vocal(singing) training for 3 years . i have recorded some songs in my voice . do send me a inbox if you are interested in listening.

You can also connect with me on my facebook id .