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CA Riswa Parekh (Practicing) (1591 Points)

29 January 2010  
Dear Friends, As you aware that election to Council of ICAI were held on 4th and 5th Dec., 2009, and accordingly result were declared. You may be surprised to note that during the election process many contestants and allies have mustered and manipulated the ballot papers in the ballot boxes. Some of the key features of the aforesaid manipulations are enumerated below : 1. From the very beginning of the election process the institute has deliberately deleted the names of several eligible voters. On the contrary to favour certain people the names were included in the voter list after notification of the election, which is illegal. 2. The information regarding the candidates profile was sent to the voters on pick and choose basis. Some of the voter have either not received or received very late. 3. The polling booth were established/ bifurcated according to the wishes of the preferred candidates e.g. Pitampura booth in New Delhi was created few days before the elections for which proper communication to the voters and candidates was not provided. 4. Many polling stations have witnessed extra ordinary polling which has never been in the past with the connivance of institute staff, e.g. Bahadurgarh (90%) and Sangrur (90%). 5. You are fully aware that there was curfew on 4th and 5th December and still there was extraordinary voting (70%) on record. Normally under these circumstances the polling should be thin. Normally the ICAI should have cancelled the polls on 5th and should have re-ordered the poll at Ludhiyana. 6. Besides above the major manipulation has been done in the Ballot Boxes. You are fully conversant that between the period of election and counting i.e. after 5th Dec upto 19th Dec, the ballot boxes were kept in the annex building of the ICAI, ITO, Delhi, where NIRC office is also located at 5th floor, which is in the close proximity of elected members of the region( both central as well as regional). The candidates were never informed about the location and safety of these boxes. 7. During this period ( 5th Dec upto 19th Dec 2009) taking the advantage of lapses in the security of ballot boxes, the influential members took out the ballot paper from the ballot boxes and replace them with new ones to help themselves and their favorites. Accordingly everything was done well before the ballot boxes were moved to the counting location. 8. To substantiate the above facts the statistics and the market reports of sitting and prospective candidates are self explanatory. The sitting members planned this heinous act by marginalizing the first timers strong candidates. Now you decide yourself what will be the future of ICAI and CA profession as a whole. JOIN HANDS TOGETHER AND FORWARD THIS MALE TO YOUR CA FRIENDS AND CA STUDENTS. REQUEST : IF THE ESTEEMED MEMBERS ARE SATISFIED OR BELIEVE IN THE ABOVE POINTS, PLEASE RAISE YOUR VOICE AND MAIL YOUR OBJECTIONS AND ASK THE ANSWERS FROM THE INSTITUTE.