Board Meetings and AGM for Year 2021

kings22 (Shareholder) (160 Points)

15 February 2021  

Hello -

We are a small private limited company. 3 of the 4 Board Members of our company are either abroad or out of town. I am trying to finalize the board meeting plan for compliance purposes. Being a small company, we are required to hold two board meetings one in each half of the year and 1 AGM. I understand MCA has authorized scheduling of Board meetings by AV means until June 30, 2021

1) Can the board meeting via A/V means be done to also approve financial statements and board report of company before June 30, 2021?

2) If we do the AGM also before June 30, 2021, can that also be done via A/V means?

3) Do we know if MCA may further relax these dates?

Appreciate some immediate help as I am trying to finalize the best way to do meetings this year with all board members basically out of town.