Big 4 or mid size

arjun (student) (153 Points)

20 May 2011  


hi guys i passed my ipcc grp 1 in nov 2010 attempt with 262 marks  since then i was busy in my collg exams 2nd yr bcom du now i decided to convert it into correspondece in 3rd year

 i would like to enquire about few things

- whether i should join big 4 or ny mid size firm 

all 4 big firm r in my city gurgaon so it will not be a problem 

my future prospect is start my own practice  

as far as mid size r concerned top are there in delhi so daily up down etc will create troublsome traffic os much 

d mid size firm in gurgaon r not top class nt holding many big clients 

but i heard that in big 4 they doesnt give leave also they put u in 1 deppt alll of d 3 yrs 

plz suggest me fastly guys help need