Best jokes for ca students



1.Teacher: Osama has 5 wifes and 20 children ,

Laloo has 1 wife and 9 children. Who is better?

CA Student: Osama’s NPV is good but Laloo’s IRR is better.

2.Banner in front of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India …. “Drive slowly, don’t kill our students…. . leave them to us….”

 CA gaali de to kya dega?

BLOODY bounced cheque,

Dharti pe liability,

Paidaishi bad debts,

Dishonoured bill,

Insolvent aadmi,

Itna marunga ki balance nahi bachega.

4.difference betn n ca:- ques:- What is ur name??? (10 marks)
ca ques:- what is ur name? does it suits ur personality?? Analyse critically. (2 marks)


As per sec 6 of IT act

"KASAB is now Resident and ordinarily resident in India"

Ratt lo 

Institute ka koi BharOsa Nh

Expected in NOV'11 exams

6.Santa:I read in newspaper tht a widower with 9kids maried a widow with 7kids

Banta:dat's nt a mariage,
thts an amalgamation in d nature of MERGER

Q: Difference between gud CA & great CA?

Ans: A good CA knows the IT Act but a great CA knows the Income Tax Officer.... :p

8.Swarg ke dwar par 3 log the. 
God"Sirf ek hi andar ja sakta hai.
Pehla~"Main pujari hu,sari umar apki seva ki hai, swarg par mera hi haq h.
Dusra"Main ek,sari umar logo ki seva ki hai. Swarg par toh mera hi haq hai
Tisra-"Maine CA KI PADHAI KI HAI."
God-"kuch mat bol mere bhai,rulaega kya?
sari JAWANI tu narak me raha h.
Swarg par tera hi haq hai."
DedicateD to all CA students.

9.If Gandhiji would have ever thought about doing..
He would have definitely added a 4th monkey wid hands on its forehead...
;-( :-O :-P

10.what is 143

MBA student" I love you

Engn student :I hate you

Bio student: I miss you

CA student:its a scrutiny assessment section under income tax 1961