Best Investment Advice: Trust Your Instincts

Jibin Thomas (CA Final,B COM(H)) (109 Points)

20 January 2011  


When you get involved in the world of investing, one of the first things you will discover is that people seem to come out of the woodwork to offer advice.  Friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, professionalfinancial advice, and investment managers will all have an opinion.  While most people have good intentions and chances are good that some of the advice would prove helpful, the most important investment advice is to trust your own instinct.

Of course, if you have never invested before, then you need to become educated in trading so you can make good choices pertaining to learning, investing, applying, and protecting.  However, after that point, your “gut instinct” is going to play a key role in how well you do with investing.  If you were to ask most expert investors, they would tell you that using your natural built-in instinct along with your enhance instinct that will come from knowledge, you can use that internal checkmark to make better investment

One of the important things when you start out is to find the right investment site for the types of investments you will be involved with, one that has a solid reputation, and a site that offers a system that you can use.  You need to consider three primary things for this to include trusting the site, looking for high performance, and having a rational system.  You must be able to trust theinvestment website you choose or it would provide zero value in helping you achieve your investment goal.  In addition, if the site is not built to perform, again it becomes useless.  Then, the way the system is designed to include standard operations, as well as features needs to be something you can use but also something that aligns with your investment type and goals.


Even in a tough economy with numerous fluctuations, the combination of the right investment service and your natural instinct are what will push you to financial success.  To become a part of aninvestment service, you need to consider several things.  As you go over this list, use your instincts here too.  Remember, when we talk about instincts, we are talking about common sense, the things that click with you to be true.  To get to the point where you can begin to lean on your instincts, you need to start by choosing the best investment service for your needs.  To accomplish this, several factors need to be considered to include the following:

•    Performance – As mentioned, performance is a huge part of your investment                                                 success.  You want to look for sites that outperform other                                                       investment services.  For this, you would need to conduct research,                                     looking for historical data about the markets that have been                                                   outperformed in, as well as the percentage of market index.
•    Members – The following of the investment service would also be an important                                      consideration.  Now, a successful site does not need a large number of                              members to be an excellent choice just as sites with millions of users do                            not automatically make it the best.  However, the caliber of members and                            their dedication to the service would tell you a lot.  With research, you                                  would have the ability to read testimonials to help you gauge the level of                            respect and dedication members have for a particular investment                                         service.

•    Reporting – Without doubt, reporting features of an investment site is critical.                                          Having the opportunity to read stock pick reports, look at trending                                        graphs, and other types of reports would provide a visual of how well                                  the market is doing, as well as your own investments.

•    Low Risk – Finally, any investment service should offer advice and information                                      based on facts, not emotions.  Having data built on mathematical                                          formulas and fundamental analysis  would reduce risk of making a bad                              investment or decision on an existing investment.

Using the information above to find the best investment service possible, along with your instinct will take you much further in this sector than without using them.  Remember, some of your instinct is natural while some will come after you start trading.  In addition, instinct will continue to develop as you become more educated and experienced in making investments.