Beauty of Life is a Roler Coaster Ride

Prasad R (CA Final) (2128 Points)

31 May 2011  

Dear Friend's ,


Sharing with you all one of ma own writings.


Beauty of Life is a Roler Coaster Ride


The ultimate beauty of life is a roler coaster ride,


When life  is calm and pleasant everything looks bright,


We njoy it wen things are our own way and we smile wide,


Suddenly when life seems still there comes a huge tide,


Then comes the unexpected change and we are on a ride downside,


We shouldn’t loose hope even when it seems everything has been tried,


Different choices come and everything collides,


We have to make a choice and has to abide,


Life is all about a choice everything depends on what one decides,


Problems do come and situations do change but one can’t hide,


We have to face tough situations as one can’t avoid,


We have to back ourselves and trust the inner self and whats inside,


People come and go in life, wen things are not your way one gets to know who stands beside,


Things will change and we will be back again on a upside ride,


We have to face it no matter what as the beauty of life is all about a roller – coaster ride.




Prasad R