Beautiful fountains of the world

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20 December 2012  

Beautiful Fountains of the World


Some of the best sites around the globe are the breath-taking fountains made by man. They are instilled with music and lights, coming alive right before our eyes. So while travelling on vacation or business, don’t forget to check out these beautiful masterpieces and their performances. We give you a comprehensive list of the experiences you must not miss when given the chance! Here are some of the world’s biggest, best and amazing fountains:


beautiful fountains collage


1. Fountain of Wealth (Suntec):


World's Largest Fountain- The Fountain of Wealth is located in one of Singapore's largest shopping malls, Suntec City. A symbol of wealth and life, the Fountain of Wealth is recognized since 1998 by the Guinness Book Of World Records as the World's Largest Fountain.


beautiful fountains of the world-fountain of wealth


 2. Dubai Fountain:


One of the biggest fountains in the world, the Dubai Fountain is built set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake. Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors, it’s a spell-binding experience. The fountain is 275 m (902 ft) long and shoots water 240 feet into the air accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music. The performances of the fountain are visible from every spot on the lake and neighborhood structures as well.



beautiful fountains of the world-dubai waterfall


3. Trevi Fountain:


If you are travelling to Rome, The Trevi Fountain must be on your to-do list! Surrounded by traditions and myths, this ancient fountain is a sight to behold. The most popular tradition involves dropping a coin into the fountain backwards. This tradition results in an estimate of 3,000 euros in coins being thrown into the fountain EACH DAY!If you get successful, you will be visiting Rome again soon! This massive structure is 26 meters high and 20 meters wide. A backdrop for many famous movie scenes, it’s popularity grows with time!


beautiful fountains of the world- trevi fountain


4. Fountains of Bellagio, Las Vegas:


The most famous fountains in Las Vegas, the city of dreams! With a whooping expenditure of $40 million to build, the fountains are worth every penny. Located on an 8-9 acre manmade lake, the Fountains of Bellagio are choreographed to various kinds of music, with a show taking place every 15 to 30 minutes. These fountains define magic with more than 4,500 lights and 1200 nozzles put up each performance. Seeming so unreal is the vision; you would think you are dreaming.

beautiful fountains of the world- las vegas fountain


5. Buckingham Fountain:


Grand Park in Chicago is home to one of the best fountains of the world. Inspired by the Latona Fountain at the Palace of Versailles, the fountain is styled as a rococo wedding cake. With light and water shows taking place each evening, the fountain attracts hundreds of people.  Shooting water up to 150 feet via the central jet, the fountain has made a name for itself worldwide.

beautiful fountains of the world-buckingham fountain chicago


6. King Fahd's Fountain, Jeddah:


Ever wondered which is the tallest fountain in the world? Don’t be surprised to know it’s situated in the middle east. Located in Saudi Arabia, King Fahd’s Fountain, also known as Jeddah’s Fountain, is the tallest water fountain in the world.It reaches an astonishing height 1023ft into the sky and the water can reach speeds of 233mph. Built in the 1980’s, the fountain is visible from every point in the city. Apart from being a record breaking fountain, it also has made a breakthrough in development of specialized knowledge on high pressure seawater.


beautiful fountains of the world-king fahd's fountain


7. Archibald Fountain, Australia:

Unveiled in 1932, this fountain is the greatest fountain in Australia. Located in Hyde Park, Sidney; it is a result of the architect’s love for French art and the relationship of France and Australia in World War 1. The fountain is a beautiful image of Apollo, representing beauty and the arts, Diana, the goddess of purity and Theseus slaying a Minotaur. Art always did go hand in hand with symbolism!


beautiful fountains of the world-archibald fountain


8. Magic Fountain of Montjuic (Barcelona):


Barcelona is ranked as one of the world’s best cities and for a variety of reasons! One such reason is The Magic Fountain situated here. Designed by Carles Buigas, a famous architect known to design magnificent fountains since decades, the fountain is a stunning display of lights and music. Recent performances include famous film, classical, and modern music, such as The Godfather, The Lord of the Rings and Gladiator.


beautiful fountains of the world-magic fountain


9. Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountains (Xian), China:


The fountain is an ancient building, a protected and sacred place for Buddhists. Not only is the fountain one of the most beautiful sights in the world but is known as the largest musical fountain square in Asia. The fountains come alive at night, creating an aura of wonder with water, music and lights. Set against the backdrop of the thousand year old Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the drama quotient to this fountain is high.

Beautiful fountains of the world-Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountains


10. Peterhof Fountain (Saint Petersburg):


The Grand Cascade and Samson Fountain together form the Peterhof Fountain at the Peterhof Palace. In the time of Peter, the Great, the series of gardens and palaces were built in Saint Petersburg. This beautiful landscape is also referred to as "Russian Versailles". Apart from the aesthetic value and importance of this place is the technological achievement derived. Unlike other fountains around the world, the fountains of Peterhof are operating without the use of pumps! A smart system of water supplied from springs and stored in reservoirs along with the additional benefit of the elevated landscape is the cause behind this masterpiece. Don’t believe what you read, take a trip and see for yourself. It’s a trip worth taking for!

beautiful fountains of the world-peterhof fountains