Be prepared

Rajesh (Service ) (7576 Points)

19 August 2010  

Fear will keep you alive, and yet it can also kill your
Dreams. Fear of the unknown will build a wall between you
And your best possibilities.
Fear's most insistent message is -- be prepared. Be fully
Prepared, and fear will no longer hold you back.
Preparation takes effort and initiative, discipline and
Commitment. And it is well worth the effort, because it
Opens up a whole world of new options for you.
Your fear gives you a perfect excuse to avoid reaching for
Your most treasured dream. But wouldn't you rather have the
Dream than the excuse?
What is it that you fear? There is something you can do
Today, right now, to prepare -- something that will begin to
Dilute that fear.
Do the work to prepare yourself, to give yourself options,
And the fear will lose its grip on you. Make the effort to
Be prepared, and move beyond every fear.

 ~Ralph Marston~