Attitude decide your destiny

CS Ankur Srivastava (Company Secretary & Compliance Officer)   (17833 Points)

04 January 2012  



I am trying to write an article on your thinking and its impact on your life. This topic is related to your personal and professional life as well. I would like to share about how one thinking effect the practical life.

So let’s directly come on point and read the article with positive attitude.

As you know, we have two type of thoughts positive and negative. Both generate vibration, negative thought generates negative vibration and ofcourse positive one generate positive. Positive thought are more powerful than negative thoughts because their vibrations are stronger and it multiplies. Thoughts really help us to achieve our dreams and goals.

You may have observed that when you have a dream, you think of that dream for the whole day and you find it happening in reality. This is because of thoughts which keep going on in our mind after that dream that got attracted to you.

The question would arise how it works, YE KAISE HO SAKTA HAI…. When we face an incident or situation in our life which we were least prepared, we tend to keep thinking, - YAAR YE KYU HUA, AAKHIR AISA HUA KYU. We have a tendency to take some thoughts so seriously that it converts into reality.  It may sound unrealistic, but that’s what my experience has shown to me.

When we read our horoscope. Do you really think the prediction is correct..?? If yes, is it correct for all…?? No, it’s not correct for all. Are all people similar in nature…?? No..!! All are made unique with various different qualities. So, when you read your horoscope which says something good about you, your mind starts thinking about that and you prepare yourself for that which attracts positivity in your life which inturn strength your believe.  Same is the case if we read something negative. After occurrence of such event, we blame our horoscope and destiny. We are really not aware that our thoughts attract that incidents and situations in life.



What you think becomes what you say and this inturn you do in your life this makes your habit. Therefore, what you think becomes your habit. Your character, your overall personality is nothing but the collection of your thoughts.

You must have heard “VISHMAT ME BHT TAKAT HOTI HAI”. I have experienced and believe that yes faith has power. Do you remember this dialouge “JB AAP KISI CHIZ KO PURI SHIDDAT SE CHATTE HO TO SAARI KAYNAT AAPKO USSE MILANE ME LAG JATI HAI”.

I would use one more dialogue “JO AAP ACTUAL ME CHATTE HO NA REAL ME WAHI HOTA HAI”

The above dialogues are absolutely right. It is because of your continious positive thinking and its resulting positive vibrations that inturn makes things happen.

What you want just have positive attitude and prepare yourself for that only.

Whatever it may relate :

It may be your job

It may be your Career

It may be your personal issue

It may be anything. Please take it in positive sense only because positivity has power when it is use for positive means wrna to plus and minus milke minus hi ho jata hai….

Just keep thinking yes i can do it and aisa hi hoga… and trust me it will happen.

Remember below quote:

“Failure proves that you have not tried for success with full dedication.”

Sometimes inspite of being very positive very confident due to certain circumstances your mind becomes clouded with a negative thoughts just ignore all of that just concentrate, pray and convert that into positive ones. It works very fast. Initially you would feel that it is difficult but with practice you can do it.

In same problem, different people have different attitude to tackle it and they have different results as well depending the way they deal with the same. It depends on their confidence as well which is the only indication of the person’s power of thought.

People tend to say “Yaar this situation has broken me”, it is only the thought that break a person, not the situation. If he accept it at that very point and decide to change it. He will feel himself very strong and situation will be changed due to his dedicated efforts.

Sometimes, after a few minutes of sleep you feel that yes now i am fresh and sometimes after hours of pleasant sleep you don’t feel fresh. Sometimes you feel very tired and sometimes you feel that i am very energetic can do number of tasks. All of these just because of your thoughts. If you once think “yaar thak gye hai” then you definitely feel yourself tired whether you have worked or not. Even after hours of hard work if you say yourself “I am very energetic” then there is no change that you feel tired. Same applies to your sleep as well once thought came that “5 min aur so le” then you cannot getup and as soon as you see the time the extreme level of energy suddenly comes within you and you get ready within 15 minutes. All of these because of power of your thoughts.

Human mind is very powerful. It has extraordinary power. But the matter is to realize its power.

I would like to quote one more example. Have you observed yourself while driving. Before few days i was going on bike suddenly i pressed all the breaks and control my bike when the bike controlled I realized that the monkey was crossing the road near to my bike. I have observed that until I could realize what was happend, all the required actions have already been done. This is the power of mind. Everything is controlled by me itself I never gave a thought what to do. If a situation arises your every part of body do their duty even within a fraction of second. Your mind gives command to them and it gives before than you.

You must have also heard about meditation. Meditation is one of the strongest mode to be concentrated and increase the power of your mind and realizing as well that your mind is very powerful. When we meditate, we tend to concentrate on our mind and keep telling ourself that we are very confident, very powerful we are capable of doing it and believe me it really works.

So, the process is just being positive.

So, be positive and have positive Attitude and believe me Your Attitude will the only thing that decide your destiny. This is all about this Article.

Try it, it works and surely change your life positively.

Thanks for reading….

CS Ankur Srivastava