Article on how the papers are checked

CA Riswa Parekh (Practicing) (1591 Points)

10 June 2012  



            Hello friends…..This is most common question amongst CA students.Today as I get knowledge about procedure I am here to let you all students who are not knowing about can get the knowledge.


            Firstly when the answer sheet is submitted they tear off the half of the front page where numbers are written and and allot one number on that tear off page and the same is written on the half page which is on answer sheet. So that when the answer sheet is gone for checking they can see only the new number which is given and cant see the original number


            Now, the paper checkers are allotted papers on their criteria basis like, completed the 3 years of  practice can be eligible for paper checkers


            First they will give some papers for checking and that will be rechecked by other board so that the institute can see the quality of paper checking quality of that person. If they satisfy with paper checking only then he will be qualified as paper checker.          


            Now we come to our important matter………..MARK ALLOCATION


            Institute is giving answers of question to paper checkers and against it marks to be allocated are written. After every answer they are giving guidelines regarding allocation of marking of that paper. For example :

---- If there is Account paper then it will be on the basis of toughness of answers. If we have to prepare Balance sheet and the answer is tough then they will give guidance that if out of 6 items of Balance Sheet if 4 are correct then allot full marks.

---- When the sum is so easy the they give guideline that if the final answer is correct only then allot full answer otherwise give 0 marks.Remeber in this case you will not allotted any marks even half of the answer is correct

--- On the contrary to above if the question is average or tough than they give marks step wise in that case you will be allotted marks till steps are correct.


            So we can conclude that in case of practical papers there are less chance of injustice till practical parts are concerned.And also we can see that accuracy is very very important part.


            As per theoretical papers are concerned they are giving answers but there are no such condition that same answer should be there so here marks are allotted on the basis that how much your answer is nearer to the given answers and as per the justice of the paper checker.So in this case there is chance of injustice to the students and we may notice by our result that we may not get appropriate marks.


            These where the procedures of marks allocation. Another important aspect is that as I mentioned above that Institute is maintaining quality of paper checker by rechecking some of that paper again by board  so papers are always re-checked by further board proportionately so if there is checking not properly they can correct it.


            After checking the paper is completed and sent to institute again the teared off paper are joined and marks are entered in the computer. These was the procedure of how the papers are checked.


            Friends I had written these article only for knowledge of the students so that they can understand how to prepare practical paper. Institute is always trying to improve checking so we should not blame to institute for our result and we should prepare well. Some times injustice may happen to students but we should not take it in our mind so harshly and try best again. As no system is without any defect.


            Hope you find this article helpful.