Appointment of md in private company

Shishir Kumar (CS) (43 Points)

24 November 2011  

Dear friend

please guide me what to do in this case.

on june 2010 one person was appointed as additinal director and in same board meeting it was appointed as Managing director.

company has filed form 32 for appointment of additional director and form 23 for passing the resolution.

My question is that on MCA website the status is showing as additional director.

As the articles has given the board of directors power to appoint the M.D.

S i think the process is right.

but on MCA website it is showing additional director now i have to file annual return so how the status will be changed to managing Director.


do i have to file form 25 c if yes please give the reason by giving the provisions (if any)

as i cant file form 32 for change in designation as he was appointed as MD in the same meeting.


please help me urgently.