Appeared for ca final- 8 times

VISHAL GARG (Learning from life) (106 Points)

20 January 2018  

Hello freinds/professionals,

Myself Vishal Garg, I am CA final student from delhi and have appeared for the 8th time(Nov 17).My Group1 is already cleared in May 16.Every time i tried my level best to clear this exam but couldn't make it.

My weakest subject is DT which seems difficult to me everytime.Please freinds/ professionals suggest some books, tips to atleast clear my DT with ease. Every time I am unable to revise what i have already studied in DT and always feel lack of confidence and fear for this subject.

If any delhi student who can help me or can discuss DT with me for May 18 or can share pendrive class of DT crashcourse for half cost.I reside in Punjabi Bagh.

Last but not least I am thankful to My CAclubindia family who supported me everytime. I still remember my last post when i haven't cleared any group of Ca final and ask your suggestion whether to left CA course.But after getting good positive response from my family I cleared my next attempt.  

I hope this post may help other student to feel motivate who are in same position as I am today.These continuous failure made me learn many things and made me strong. I am not sure whether I will be successful in my life or not / or at what time but 1 thing i would say these are not my failures but i would call them "Successful failures of my life".