Announcement for Transfer of Articles - BP Raising

CA Kingsley (Audit Manager) (470 Points)

02 July 2010  

The announcement dated 2/7/10 regarding articleship transfer really makes me very angry. It shows how cowards the institute's council members are. Although it is welcome announcement permissing transfer in the first year, I am really disappointed at the last word. It says that any disputes between student and member will not be interfered by ICAI. The question i get is "What for in this world is Board of studies/Department of Articles is situated"? They have completely forgotten that most of articleship disputes are caused by harassment of articles by the principals. Many cases, the articles are extracted excess work, and when the refuse, they are mercilessly kicked out. And there is no legal document to prove that the article has worked excess hours. Cant they make it compulsory for principal to maintain article working hours register countersigned by concerned article assistant?? To all the council members reading this post :   "Please dont be coward to do justice to articled assistants just because u get vote from membrs. And if I ever become council member or president, it will be Indira gandhi emergency for all you incompetent and selfish council members"