Amalgamation - fin reporting - ca final

SIVASIVA (FCA, Future CA) (4935 Points)

04 October 2013  

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Purchase Co  acquiring Shares in Selling Co. What are the Phases in which Accounting should be done as per 'AS 14 - Accounting for Amalgamation'

Phase I - Calculation of Purchase Consideration

Phase II - Accounting in the Books of Selling Co.

Phase II - Accounting in the Books of Purchasing Co.



  Purchase Consideration based on Payments which P made to S.  or   based on Net Assets on S.  


PHASE II - code is (R-PC-T-S-D)

  1. Realisation of Assets & Liabiities

  2. Due entry and Receipt Entry for Purchase Consideration

  3. Transfer of Share Capital, Reserves and Realisation profit/loss

  4. Settlement to Shareholders 

  5.  Discharging all the Assets and Liabilities which are not taken over by Purchasing Co.


PHASE III -   code is (D-I-D-K-S)

  1. Due entry for Purchase Consideration

  2. Incorporation of Assets & Liabilities

  3.  Discharge of PC

  4. Knock off of Inter Company Ownings, Stock reserve unrealised, Realisation Exps

  5. Statutory Reserve for Amalgamation Adjustment. ( only for Purchase method)

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