All the Best for result with an Advice !!!

RG - A Helping Hand (Company Secretary) (13867 Points)

13 July 2011  

Hi Friends,


As we all know that the result of CA Exams May 2011 is very close. So I’d like to wish you all the best for Exam success and a bright future. You guys have done your best and now there is nothing to worry. Just relax yourself from result tension and enjoy and start planning for the next level.


We must always remember that success is a consistent term and connected to your hard work and honesty along with your vision. Success is a continued process. So understand there is no need to relax after a massive success or depress after a failure. Just continue to do the good work.


Few points for observation:


1.     Start planning for the next level and make a reasonable strategy

2.     Arrange books for the next attempt, if any.

3.     Arrange notes for the next attempt, if any.

4.     Start making notes for the next attempt if you believe in making notes


All I want to convey is never waste your time if you have another group to attempt.


All the Best