all of my PCC friends plz Share the PCC results

manish (Article Assitant) (358 Points)

01 February 2010  

Hi friends all the student plz share your results here, and those student who are not passed dont disappoint with your results, be positive with next attempt, those student who are passed congralutions and plz share with us,

Group I

Advanced Accounting                                           056
Auditing and Assurance                                      052
Law, Ethics and Communication                      061

                                                                       Total 169
                                                                                           Result PASS

Group II

Cost Accounting & Financial Management      041
Taxation                                                                   044
Information Technology and Strategic
Management                                                          026

                                                                       Total 111
                                                                                           Result FAIL

                                                         Grand Total 280

But i am not too much disappointed with result. BE POSITIVE AND BELIVE IN UR SELF.