All india vat ready reckoner 2012-13

Alok Agarwal (Practicing chartered accountant)   (38 Points)

20 May 2012  

ALL INDIA VAT READY RECKONER with Entry Tax, Professional Tax & CST

with Free Cd containing forms & schedules of all states of India

Author : Alok Agarwal (FCA), Deepak Kr. Dass( Advocate

Edition:- 25th May 2012

ISBN:- 9788192335230

Price :  Rs. 995/-

Our Price : Rs. 796/- only


This book attempts to address the problems by offering readers a broad picture of VAT as applicable in various states, and virtually acts like a summary of VAT laws of all the states in the country. In addition, it provides a simplified state-wise view of these laws for anyone wishing to be acquainted with their complex nature. To meet this end, all the changes made in Acts related to VAT through the issuance of notifications and circulars have been incorporated in the book, which also functions as a reckoner on Professional Tax, Entry Tax & CST for all the states in India.