Accounts and GSTR2B Mismatch in GST Amount

fnatic fan (1 Points)

22 May 2024  

I have taken Purchase Entry in Tally as per the Sale Invoice given by the supplier:

Net Amount Rs. 49005.00
CGST Rs. 4410.00
SGST Rs. 4410.00
Invoice Amount Rs. 57825.00


But in GST2B, the details for that Sale Invoice are as follows:

Net Amount Rs. 49005.00
CGST Rs. 4410.45
SGST Rs. 4410.45
Invoice Amount Rs. 57825.00


So, what should I do in such a case when there is a mismatch in the GST Amount between the Sale Invoice and GSTR2B?

If I need to follow whatever is mentioned in GSTR2B, should I add Round Off as Rs. -0.90 in Tally so that the Invoice Amount matches?