Ab wo din gaye jab ca ki degree se job mila karte the

CA Abhay Hirawat (Audit manager) (165 Points)

05 June 2012  
Another article for all of u..............
"ab wo din gaye re bhaiya jab degree se job mila karte the"

This was the story of Swati Sharma, a very simple and straight forward girl from Sikar, Rajasthan. She completed her major portion of studies from Sikar itself. He scored almost more than 80% in class 10 and more than that in class 12. After class 12, she came to Jaipur and completed the graduation from there only. She also completed her CA from Jaipur only. She cleared the graduation with around 72%, completed the CPT in the 1st attempt, PCC in 1st attempt and CA- Final in 2 attempts. Her dad used to reside in shilong and she was residing in the Sikar with her mother. While pursuing B.Com and CA, she used to reside in a Hostel in Jaipur. She was also having 2 brothers, working in the Hyderabad itself.
She cleared her CA in NOV 2011 and was looking for a job after that.
She tried her level best to get a job in the Jaipur itself, but did not get anything.
She started losing hope and confidence. After trying very hard for 4 months, she came to Hyderabad in search of a good job. She did not get anything in Hyderabad also. One day, she finally saw an ad on a job portal regarding job opening in a CA-Firm in Hyderabad.
She took all the contact details from the website itself and called there.
Well unfortunately, I was the manager of that branch. My receptionist picked up the call and transferred the line to me.
I: Hello.
She: Hello Sir, this is Swati. I am a CA, cleared my CA-final in Nov 2011.
Is there any vacancy for the CA’s in your concern?
I: No mam, there is no vacancy for the CA’s right now. We only have the vacancy for the paid staffs.
She: Sir, I am even ready for that position also.
I: But that position is for the semi qualified ones.
She: Sir, I am not getting the any job opportunities since result came up. I am ready for that position also.
I: But, what about the salary? The range of salary for that position is 12000-15000.
She: Sir, I am Okay with 15000.
I: What? Are you serious?
She: yes sir, I am serious.
I: Okay, mail me your resume @ ...... and come for the interview tomorrow.
She: Okay sir.

(After disconnecting the line, I was stunned, but at the same time, I was also taken aback, how she could do this? She was a CA and she was ready to work at such low pay. I was stunned by seeing that condition of CA Profession.)

Next day, when I reached the office, she was already there. After settling down myself, I called the reception and asked to send her in the cabin.

After a while, Swati was setting in front of me. She was 5.5 feet tall, having a dark complexion and more importantly was in professional attire.
I started the interview with the basic questions and she was a bit nervous, but answered most of the questions well.

After that, I just increased the level of the questions and now she was finding it difficult to answer the same, due to poor articleship experience. She was not having any idea about the recent amendments, budget, GST, revised schedule- VI.
Her articleship experience was horrible. She did not learn anything during that period. The only thing which she did during that period was vouching.
After the interview, one thing was still taunting my mind and that was why she was ready to work at so lesser amount. I asked her the same.
She: Sir, what should I do? When I joined the CA, everyone used to tell me, that once you become a CA, all your problems will be resolved. But today, instead of that, my problems are increasing day by day. Since the time, result came. I tried my best to get a job, but did not get anything. Finally I saw a vacancy in your organization and I was not in a position to also miss the same. That’s why; I even agreed to work at 15000. After clearing the CA and sitting redundant at home, is the most terrible feeling sir. A small tear came below her eyes. I consoled her and gave a glass of water.

After 5 minutes,
I: listen dear, whatever you said was correct. I will try my best to provide you a job, but please don’t drop down the status of this Degree. You have earned this with lots of hard work; please don’t sell it at such a lesser amount. It’s my request.

She did not get the job in my CA Firm, but I somehow managed to set her in one of my client’s office at 25000 starting. Now she is fine and doing the work properly under the guidance of a very nice person.

Now this story is a Lesson for those who take the articleship as a joke. Please don’t do it. Otherwise you will suffer.
“Ab wo din gaye bhaiya, jab degree ke basis pe job milte the”

This is a fiction, just to give a lesson to each and every CA student.............