A Short Analysis of C.A. Profession


Professionals are required all over the world and Chartered Accountancy is one of the most trusted professions all over the world. There can be no point of time when Chartered Accountants will not be in demand as all the companies spread all over the world are required to get there accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant. Balance sheet of every company are being accompanied by Audit report framed by a C.A. indicating that there is no misrepresentation of the facts and if there are any, has been rectified or else has been highlighted.



It can also be said as Chartered Accountants are the eyes of the government as they check the accounts and take the responsibility of reflecting the correct amount of profit earned by the company so as to avoid evasion of tax which can be a loss to the government.



There are instances where in order to perform any work a company has to take the certificate of a Chartered Accountant without which the work can’t proceed.


Audit of a banking institution are also being done by a Chartered Accountant, to look over the working of the institution so as to avoid any fraud or error.



Chartered accountants are the one to prepare the accounts of the company and it is a part of their profession to see to it whether all the accounting standards are complied with. This accounting standard are also being laid down by a group of Chartered Accountants working in and on behalf of the Institute of Chartered Accountant and every company has to follow these standards and prepare their accounts accordingly.



They have a moral obligation towards the society at large as any person who is pursuing the course of Chartered accountancy has to go through a training under a Chartered Accountant learning how to work and what are the important areas that has to be covered after becoming a Chartered Accountant.



Profession of a Chartered accountant cover a very huge area, the total working of any corporate body in respect of their accounts rests in the hands of these Chartered Accountants, they have to express an opinion on these financial statement and duly sign the statement along with the membership number issued to these Chartered Accountants by the Institute of Chartered Accountant, it serve as their identity in the corporate world. There signature without the membership number is of no use.



Companies are to submit the reports issued to them by the Chartered Accounts to all the financial Institution and government body indicating their current position.





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