A Complete Guide To The Cricket API And How To Use It.

Crictez (Manager) (21 Points)

19 February 2022  


The Cricket Live Scores API gives you access to a wide range of cricket data, including matches, partnerships, players, scorecards, series, teams, commentary, and more.


The API collects data from the scores of the following matches: ODI, T20, Test, BBL, IPL, and World Cup.


How Can you Get Cricket Data Using the Cricket Live Scores API?


To get started using the Cricket Live Scores API, follow these simple steps:


  • To receive a free API Key, create a cricktez user account (it's free!).


  • Subscribe to a price plan by going to the API pricing page. To get started, sign up for the free tier, which allows you to make up to 2500 requests every day. To prevent overage costs, upgrade to the Pro, Ultra, or Mega Plan if you need more than 2500 requests.


  • Return to the documentation and endpoints page for the Cricket Live Scores API.


  • Select your favourite programming language from the dropdown menu for one of the Cricket Live Scores API endpoints. NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Objective-C are the current alternatives.


  • Complete all needed fields (and any optional parameters you need for your project).


  • To test the API in your browser, click "Test Endpoint," or copy the "Request Snippet" and paste it into your website or application.


  • To get all of the available Match and Series IDs, users must first use the Matches/Series lists in this API. Users will find particular scores for matches, series, or players in order to obtain detailed details on match/series results.




  • Will the features of different pricing tiered plans differ?


The amount of requests you are permitted to make is the difference between the Pro and Ultra programmes. The Basic subscripttion gives you access to all of the API's features.


  • Is it possible to retrieve photos of players using the cricket live scores API?


Yes, you can access all of the players' picture URLs via the Players endpoint.


  • Is this API able to provide Cricket Odds or match betting tips?


Unfortunately, the Cricket odds are not available through the API.