7 keys to happiness

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17 February 2012  


Many times you have no control over the things that happen to you. But you have control over what you do with their outcome. Being happy may seem very easy especially at moments of your greatest achievements. For example when you get your dream job or receive a promotion. But sustained happiness is beyond physical achievements or material possession because when you place your source of happiness on material substances or on people you swing high or low depending on the availability of your material source. As humans, it is natural to feel sad when you lose something that you consider important or when you don't seem to get what you desire but if there is a prolonged feeling of sadness over every single issue in your life, then you need to take note of this 7 keys to happiness.

1. Accept that you have a right to be happy: you are not exempted from being happy. Happiness is not reserved exclusively for certain persons. If indeed it were, then you should be on the list

2. Do not be infected by others' unhappiness: whatever you do, make sure you stay away from the company of unhappy people. Those who are disgruntled, complainants and dissatisfied persons. They will infect you with their tale of woe. Do not stay around to even listen to them and when they come close to you, run away!

3. Learn Happiness affirmatives and repeat them always: write down statements that make you feel relaxed self confident and happy. Such as: I am the best, Whatever I do is successful etc. Don't joke about what you say concerning your situations. Use your happiness affirmatives to counter any sad feeling.

4. Expect positive results always: Never consider yourself unlucky or unfortunate. When you wake up each morning anticipate a great day. Look into the mirror and smile at the person looking back at you and wish that the person a happy day.

5. Do not expect from others what you cannot give yourself: if you are unhappy with your life, it usually shows in your comments and interactions with people and they will constantly avoid you, because unhappy people hardly attract happy people or situations.

6. Spice up your life: find things you can do to make you happy, if you like writing articles, do it often, if you enjoy care giving, find volunteer groups and participate. There must be something that you enjoy doing without a coercion from anybody. That may become your happiness master key.

7. You must love yourself: if you love yourself, it will be easier to attract situations that make you love yourself more. The more you love yourself. the happier you'll be.


When situations turn you down, you should insist and refuse to stay down there. Stand back up and keep moving upwards because you have the power to keep yourself happy since it is your right to remain so.


Source : https://concentrationplusfocus.blogspot.in/2012/01/7-keys-to-happiness.html