10 Tips to improve your CV

SSA JI (Ca Final ) (1970 Points)

28 January 2010  
10 Tips to improve your CV our CV is often the first sight an employer gets of you. Here are ten tips to improve the impression recruiters get of you: Whatever the layout, a CV should look well designed. Print it with a laser-printed on fresh, good quality paper. Keep your CV to 2 sides in length, with each side on a fresh sheet of paper. Most CVs will be photocopied, so use black type on white A4 paper. Background shading behind blocks of text often comes out blotchy when photocopied. Ditch the blocks and let your words do the talking. If you are thinking about using coloured paper, forget it. Graphics can be a nice addition; however, they can also be dreadful. Maybe a professional-looking business head shot of you is enough. Save the Clip Art for your granny. Use the same paper for your covering letter as you use for your CV and put them in a large envelope. Don’t put your CV in a separate presentation folder. It will be circulated and copied, most probably. Avoid the temptation to do something freaky or weird with the layout/paper of your C —unless you’re applying for a job in the ad industry. Remember to put your name on each page!