!..happy new year..!

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25 December 2013  


5 days left till 2014 and it's time to reflect on 2013.

So 2013 for me was all about Study and friends.


What about your 2013?


Have you achieved all your goals and wild desires from your New Year resolutions?


Are you happy with what you've achieved?


Whatever your answer is I want to tell you WELL DONE, because any experience is a LEARNING experience.


And here's a suggestion for 2014:


Spend this last week of 2013 to map out your goals for 2014.


Then pick ONE you're going to really focus on and make it a priority. This one goal should have the biggest impact on yor life in 2014.

Then create milestones for this goal.

1. The big one for 2014...

2. Then create quarterly ones...

3. Then, each quarter, break down your tasks into weekly "to-dos"...


And now come the critical part:


Each night, pick the 3 biggest most important things, and write them down...


Then next day you can hit the ground running with the only (primary) goal of executing and crossing-off those three items.


Do this and you'll be unstoppable.


!..Have a Happy New Year & Merry Christmas..!