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CA IPCC CAFM by CA Arpita S.Tulsyan (Cost accounting and financial Management)

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Validity : 20 November 2021

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Cost Accounting by CA Arpita S.Tulsyan focuses on developing the basic concepts that help determine product costs, cost control, and reduction. It helps in evaluating the information for cost ascertainment, planning, control, and decision making. It covers topics like cost classification for stock valuation and profit measurement, coding systems, the relation between Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Financial Management, cost book-keeping, among others. The course objective is to help students interpret cost accounting statements. The paper also focuses on Costing Systems designed to monitor costs incurred by a business by introducing students to Job Costing, Marginal Cost, Standard Cost, and budget control.

The Financial Management section of the paper helps aspirants in understanding concepts related to management and financing of working capital. This includes funds flow analysis, management of cash, and marketable securities. The section helps develop the ability to analyze and interpret financial analysis tools and planning. It covers discounting and compounding techniques, ratio analysis for performance evaluation, and analysis of cash flow statements. The paper introduces aspirants to different financing types and various methods of investment decisions. The ultimate aim is to enable the aspirants to solve simple cases relating to costing and financial management in a way that it benefits the business.

Cost accounting and financial Management Topics

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