Prof. Sameer Purao,CA Mukund Panchal,CA Sachin Holmukhe online classes

Prof. Sameer Purao,CA Mukund Panchal,CA Sachin Holmukhe

Prof. Sameer Purao, a cornerstone of the Accounts Faculty at Aditya Professional Academy, brings over 25 years of rich experience in teaching Advanced Accounts, Financial Reporting, and Accounting Standards. Known for his practical and clear teaching style, he makes complex accounting concepts easily understandable and relevant. Prof. Purao has taught a multitude of alumni, many of whom have gone on to achieve great success in their careers, a testament to his impactful mentorship. His dedication to academic and professional excellence is evident in his interactive classes that foster critical thinking. His significant role in shaping the careers of numerous accounting professionals underscores his invaluable contribution to the academy and the field of accounting. CA Mukund Panchal is recognized as an energetic and humorous accounts professor, known for his unique blend of wit, vitality, and deep conceptual understanding. His teaching style, infused with clever puns, makes learning accounting both engaging and enjoyable for students. This combination of humour and energy, paired with his strong grasp of accounting principles, creates a dynamic and memorable classroom experience. Prof. Mukund's approach not only simplifies complex accounting concepts but also keeps students motivated and attentive. His ability to bring laughter and lightness to the typically serious subject of accounting distinguishes him as a beloved and effective educator in the field. CA Sachin Holmukhe, a prominent member of our Audit Faculty, brings a wealth of experience in Integrated Internal Audits and Operations Optimization. His extensive background includes diverse sectors such as Manufacturing, Finance, and Banking. Known for his proficiency in Data Analytics, Process Health Checks, and conducting effective 'Why- why analysis' for root cause identification, Prof. Sachin is also adept in designing SOPs and evaluating Internal Controls. Notably, he has been associated with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), delivering various lectures on audit-related topics, showcasing his expertise and commitment to the field. His role as a national-level speaker and educator highlights his comprehensive and practical approach to auditing.


Corporate Accounting & Auditing (CMA Inter) by Prof. Sameer Purao,CA Mukund Panchal,CA Sachin Holmukhe

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