Prof. Pranali Arekar,CMA Vijay Joshi online classes

Prof. Pranali Arekar,CMA Vijay Joshi

Pranali Miss, a faculty member at Aditya Professional Academy, is recognized for her innovative and ethical teaching methods, especially in CMA and CA courses. She excels in merging theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Her adaptability was notably evident during the Covid-19 pandemic, where she effectively implemented advanced learning techniques, greatly aiding student success. Pranali's approach to teaching emphasizes understanding the 'why' behind concepts, significantly contributing to APA's reputation and student achievements. She uniquely relates the principles of Costing to everyday household budgeting, making complex topics accessible and engaging for students. CMA Vijay Joshi stands out as a seasoned Cost Accountant with an impressive tenure of over 35+ years in the field. His extensive experience in cost audit has made him an invaluable asset, not just in the academic sphere but also in the corporate world. Prof. Vijay's expertise is sought after by multiple multinational corporations where he serves as a regular consultant, providing insights into cost efficiency and optimization. His deep understanding of cost accounting principles and practical application in various business contexts makes him a true authority in the subject. As a professor, he brings this wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to his students, offering them a unique and comprehensive learning experience that bridges theoretical concepts with practical applications. Prof. Vijay's long- standing commitment and contribution to the field of cost accounting have established him as a truly distinguished costing professor.


Cost Accounting (CMA Inter) by Prof. Pranali Arekar,CMA Vijay Joshi

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