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CMA Mrudula Muralidharan

As a Qualified Cost and Management Accountant, the obvious career choice was to work
in audit firms.
It was not until 2019 that I found my passion to spread knowledge, and when I did realise I
never looked back.
I was honoured to start my teaching career with an association with ICMAI Bangalore
chapter. Moving on I founded KaizenEdu - to impart commerce career information to
students, guiding them to make a career choice and make them career ready by training
them in soft skills. With informative articles, videos and thought provoking posts, I am
proud to share with you that I now have 1000+ students looking up to me for career advice
and insights every single day.
My UK stint started with me as an accounts private tutor for degree students - an
experience which taught me so much about UK education system and helped me refine my
teaching skills further.
In January 2023 started my lecturer stint with Aston University and now looking forward to
welcome students for the new term as a lecturer in Sheffield Hallam University (Ranked
within top 40 Business School in the world).
I strongly believe that passion and skills built on a strong foundation of knowledge - is the
key to having a successful and fulfilling career.
With the desire to create world class, recorded classes with educational theories, I have
created recorded video classes for Cost (and management) accounting subject, applicable
for CA and CMA Intermediate and CS Executive students.
This will be available to buy on Udemy and CAclubindia.
As the work 'Kaizen' translates - I believe, growth is where there is an urge to learn.


Cost Accounting (CMA Inter) by CMA Mrudula Muralidharan

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