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CA Ruchika Saboo

CA Ruchika Saboo

An All India Ranker at all the levels with AIR 7 in CA Finals, Ruchika Ma'am has been a

meritorious student throughout her student life. She is one of those who did not study from exam

point of view or out of fear but because of the fact that she JUST LOVED STUDYING. When she says

- love what you study, it has a deeper meaning.

She believes - "When you study, you get wise, you obtain knowledge. A knowledge that helps you

in real life, in solving problems, finding opportunities. Implement what you study". She has a huge

affinity for the Law Subject in particular and always encourages student to - "STUDY FROM THE

BARE ACT, MAKE YOUR OWN INTERPRETATIONS". A rare practice that you will find in her video

lectures as well.

Her specialization in – Maths, Law and Auditing Subjects.


Business Law (CA-Foundation) by CA Ruchika Saboo

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