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A conversation with
Sakshi Sanjay Gupta
1st Rank Holder, CA Intermediate (IPC) Exam

After we introduced you to rank 1 and 2 from CA final from Mumbai here is rank 1 IPCC again from Mumbai. Sakshi Gupta a very positive girl with full of energy & enthusiasm. She has credited her success to her father who helped her in guiding and planning, and to her mother who took care of her all the time. By complying with all the time constraints she managed to pull rank 1 in IPCC. She likes to read thrillers like 'Inferno' by Dan Brown and loves to listen to music. She is very happy to have this coveted achievement and wants to give her best shot for CA final now. She shared her experience and journey with CCI, let us find out what she has to say:

Sakshi, first of all many congratulations to you from CAclubindia.com.

Thanks a lot!!

How are you feeling now, what was your first reaction after seeing your scores?

I couldn’t believe it at first. I wasn’t expecting a single digit rank frankly, so first rank is something which was out of imagination. Both my parents are happy and even I am very happy.

I got a call from ICAI Presidents office that I have topped. Initially, I couldn’t believe that so I told them to crosscheck again. But then they confirmed my roll number so I got the news from them

It must be a very proud moment?

Ya actually it was, I was on the verge of dropping phone but couldn’t.

When did you decide that this is your future and should pursue CA as your career?

Actually, my dad is a CA, so pursuing CA came naturally to me. I wasn’t very much of a Science student, so it was like a very good option for me and so I took CA. I decided to be a CA in Class 10.

Who guided you during the initial days when you decided to be a CA?

My Dad because, he himself is a CA and his guidance has been the most helpful till date: telling from which books to read, that can help me and which subjects I should be focussed on. He had been there all along.

So as you have got a rank in IPCC, what do you expect from yourself now in CA final and expectations from everywhere must be high!!

Absolutely everyone has high expectation from me. It’s a tough task but I will do my best to match everybody expectation

Can you tell us how you have achieved this? What time table have you followed for achieving this?

I had my college and classes also so I started studying approx. 4 hours a day from August. Since December, I was studying like 8-10 hours and in last 2 months, I studied for almost 10-12 hours. I wanted to finish my portion 3 to 4 times, as study materials is very vast .So It was very tough during the exams because you have only one and a half day to revise and revising study material is very tough at that time. So that time, I made schedule of 22 hours for each exam. My dad encouraged me and told me not to leave anything and because of him I was able to revise 100% of the portion at 3-4 times

Any specific strategy you have followed to revise this course?

No. there is no strategy. One has to do hard work. My parents always told me to keep myself motivated because I think it’s all about CA exam. Once you are into CA, you cannot think of failing and turning back. So, all these things kept me motivated. And watching my friends studying hard and keeping positive attitude and also enjoying the life kept me motivated throughout.

Apart from your dad who had been your great support, is there anyone else whom you would like to thank?

Yeah, my mom of course because she was the one who handled my tensions. She was the one who told me to eat and sleep properly. And then to my friends, you can always talk to your friends and they are very motivating.

They must be very happy now!!

Yeah, they are because they are getting a lot of parties (laughs).

Any hurdles have you faced in this journey?

Actually, IPCC syllabus is very vast and revising everything is very tough plus you have B.Com classes which consumes for 6-8 hours. So practically you are left with no time. So time management was really a big issue for me because I take a lot of time to understand things especially Auditing because I am not very good in Auditing and I devoted the maximum time on Auditing.

There are so many topics to cover in CA IPCC so what is the one thing that one should keep in mind during the exams?

One should hope for the best and prepare for the worst because you should not expect anything from paper and any type of paper can come from the CA Institute. This time also there was a change in paper pattern in paper 1. You should be mentally prepared for this type of sudden change. Also lot depends on the hard work you do and your perseverance during those 3 hours in exam

Are you a member of CCI?

Yaa, ofcourse I am.

What help did you get from CCI?

I downloaded a lot of solutions and guess papers from CCI and plus there is a lot of discussion and clarity of the topics which really help.

Apart from studies, what are your other hobbies?

Well, I love reading books and listening to music.

Can you tell us some recent books you have read

Right now I am reading “Inferno” by Dan brown and I have just finished reading the “Meluha” by Amish Tripathi.

Any message for the CCI community and your peers!

Well, just prepare well and then give your best. After clearing your exam, you will feel very nice. The 8-9 months hard work will bring a lot of joy at the end.

Sakshi, once again congratulations to you!! Thanks for this conversation with CCI and all the best for your CA Final!!

Thanks a lot!

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