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Himanshu Nemichand Agrawal

2nd Rank Holder, CA Intermediate (IPC) Exam

Himanshu IPCC 2nd topper is super excited and happy. A fun and light person from heart who loves to help his friends in studies. He is fond of poker, Video Games and cricket, He didn't miss any match of Team India and has credited his success to his Sister who guided him throughout this journey. His one dream was to see his interview on CAclubindia which has come true now, Let us find out what he has to say.

Himanshu, first of all many congratulations to you from CCI.

Thanks a lot Sir.

How are you feeling now?

Super excited (laughs) from last 4 days; I am getting continuous calls from relatives, friends. Also, I met Mr.Subodh Aggarwal-President of ICAI. He was in Surat for a members meet. And by chance, Agrawal Vikas Trust was hosting a felicitation programme on Sunday and Mr.Subodh Aggarwal was the Chief Guest. So I got a chance to meet him there.

So, hope that the meeting went well.

Yes Sir, I felt very happy and he congratulated me again and gave his best wishes.

So, what was your first reaction after seeing your scores?

First of all, I received the call 15 minutes before the results were announced, from Mr.Subodh Agarwal only. He asked me to guess how much I got. I said I am expecting around 80%. He said how dare you that you can expect such a high score because this time results are very down. We have done strict marking. I said that my papers were good, so he said good confidence actually...your result is exactly 80.7% and you got All India 2nd rank. Then, I was super excited and I called my father before anyone else he was in office and felt very happy for me. I called my brother cousins and other relatives. Then I called my friends and told them that results are coming in 10 minutes. They didn't believe me and thought that I must be kidding. I said that I received a call from the President but they told-"Mazaak ho gaya, chalo baad mein baat karte hain.' Then I said 'Sacchi, IPCC ki kasam' and all that. Then they went to the cyber cafe and results were out within 10minutes. It was the moment of fun, excitement and joy.

Nice!! So as you were expecting 80%, did you also expect the rank in top 3?

No Sir, I was expecting among top 50 or top 20 as I wasn't sure. because last time the score went upto 605 and 611 so I wasn't expecting this rank.

Will it create any pressure on you for getting rank in CA as well as you got a rank in IPCC. Are you feeling any pressure for CA final?

No, it's not about rank or it's not about pressure, rather it motivates me more. I would be called for Vikasa Programme in Mumbai for felicitation and also my brother told that they will call you at Delhi also, plus scholarship form for ICAI, so all these motivates me to get a rank in final as well. But, if I don't get such a high rank, then also I would be happy because it's all about that how much I have studied and learnt and rank doesn't matter then. But I will try my best to reach this level again.

Can you share your strategy and time-table that you have followed to prepare for the exams with our community?

Sure, Actually till December, I wasn't pretty much in the line of studying because I was very much scared as there were college semester exams. And after CPT June got over, there were festivals like Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali etc, so I was in a festive mood. But, mid December I planned what should be the next goal- why to switch months. And then from around 15-20 December, I started studying rigorously till May and in that also subject-wise preparation was needed so I took guidance from my Sir ' Ravi Sir and my elder sister who is in CA Final. So, she was always there to help me. Every week I used to re-plan my schedule. I was writing in a diary that what I would do from this date till that and then again rescheduling of the dates after doing an analysis the how much I have covered and what is left and if I am going as per plan or not and if I have done more than what I planned than how and if I didn't than why. As I was planning from Monday to Saturday, so my next plan would be from Tuesday to Tuesday. One day, i.e. Monday, I used to leave blank because in 7 days I knew that something will happen and that 1 day was to meet those contingencies. In that blank day I could go out with friends or I could just go out for pursuing food, for movies sort of kind and then rest 6 days I have to again study so that blank day I used to keep to refresh myself as well. Strategy was to clear the concepts and more focus on regular study in last 6 to 7 months. You can quit FB, WhatsApp and messaging for sometime. So, I wasn't using those social networking sites at all during that period. I reduced the number of calls only to dear ones in 3 to 4 months before the exams. As I did well in my 12th and scored 97 % I knew how to concentrate and work hard. Also solving doubts of my friends also helped me a lot. I never say no to any friend who asked me any question as eventually it helped me only to get my doubts clear in the first place. Also this helped me in practice and revision. 1 or 2 questions in the exam were the same which I did only because of my friends, so I would like to thank all of them.

Nice, so this is about the pre exams. So what one should keep in mind during the exams. Also do you think that Mock Test will also help?

Actually, as I told that till December, I wasn't on the track so I was not at all prepared for mock tests. Whoever completes his/her syllabus two months prior to examination should surely opt for the Mock Test. The advantage, which I got, was ' My semester exams were finished on 30th April and my IPCC started on 3rd May (only two days gap was there) so I got the writing practice well before the exams.


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You are saying that Mock Test will definitely help one in exam.

Yes, as I said earlier that whoever completes his/her syllabus two months prior to examination should opt for the Mock Test. However who hasn't yet completed his/her portion and lacks confidence, should possess this thinking in mind that writing Mock Tests will help them to boost their confidence instead of that the should be ready to face the change of question patterns in examination. However, one who wants to practice more should definitely, go for the Mock Tests. One more important thing is that one shouldn't try to imitate the study / planning schedule of one another. For e.g: I used to study at 5 o'clock in the morning while rest of my friends used to study late night.

Yes, that means spontaneous time management is very important according to the situation?

Yes, time management is very important and one should keep it improvising it as per the situation. For e.g: I was a bit disheartened during my 1st (Accounts) Paper as a 5 marks question went wrong. But, one shouldn't think of that and start preparing well for the other papers. The question paper is not an issue. Once the exam gets over, most of them use to put papers in their bag. What I used to do is that I used to file them in a separate file and put it in a separate room because I needed that for revision. Because if the paper is in our bag we would surely open that paper once more and think what we have done. We shouldn't waste our time talking with friends discussing about the papers and should focus on improving our weak areas.

During this whole journey who guided you, helped you. Would you like to thank anyone?

Yes, first of all my parents ' my supportive mother and co-operative father then my sister. She helped me a lot, she did all the planning for me. My mother was supporting me throughout the exam. My sister is in CA Final so she helped me and made all the plans how I have to study. Then my coaching institute Aditya Sir, Priyanka Ma'm, Sushain Sir and Nozzer Sir etc and then my friends.

Himanshu what are your other hobbies apart from the studies?

I used to play cards with my friends ' the whole group was fond of cards and poker is our favourite game. And we used to play a lot of outdoor games like cricket & football, I am a huge cricket fan and don't miss any game of Team India. All matches of India I have seen with my friends, no match was there that we haven't seen together. It was fixed that if India's match is there then we have to see that. I am fond of computer games & mobile games as well and they are my all time favourite.

Are you a member of CCI as well?

No Sir. But I have read all the interviews of the toppers before exam. Bhoomika Agarwal the topper from SRCC inspired me. It was very helpful and motivating. Even if we are not getting confidence anyways, we will get the confidence reading someone' interview. I also wanted my interview to be posted there. It was always my dream that my name should also be there on CCI - like Himanshu Agarwal ' The topper of IPC exams. I will now surely register myself now.

Now your dream has come true!!

Ya. (smiles)

Would you like to you give any message for the CCI members and the community?

I would say that please refer institute's books. Don't run behind any referential or other third-party books. Actually, their intention is to prepare from other books. Students think Institute has given the books for free. But actually they are not free they have taken fees in consideration. All the students thought that its institute book so why to bother. Students buy books worth Rs. 800 -1000. They buy Accounts Reference, Stats Reference and scanners. They don't even open institute books. In All the papers I could see (30 ' 40) % direct questions came from institute's book they did not even change the name of the person in Accounts sum. One can go for n number of books but should surely go through with institute's study material.

Very right, so you suggest students not to go for any other reference books but stick to their institute course material books!!

Yes, refer to the institute books and if you are not getting or understanding then refer to the reference books but do not leave any topic from the institute book. This would surely help in the exam.

Thanks a lot Himanshu!! It was really nice talking to you. Once again many congratulations to you and all the best for CA Final!!

Thank you!!

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