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Description: Excel Template for GSTIN Validation This Excel File template is a Free Utility created for Validating GSTN number. Developed by : How it Works : GSTN Validation is availabe in "any cell", Refer to the example given below Does it Require Macro or VBA? : No Limitations Validation works only in the next "Cell/Column" just right to the cell containing GSTIN Note: This template do not "Verify the GSTN from GST Portal, it just validates the GSTIN pattern Instructions for using this template: In the next cell right to GSTN number (in this example, Column "C", presss "= gstn", when "gstn_Is_Ok", is highlighted by the cursor, press "TAB" key to select it and then Press " ENTER" .. If it doesn't show up simply type "=gstn_Is_Ok" and press enter do it for all rows You can apply conditional formatting, to format the correct and incorrect GSTINs, or just copy any Cell from the column "B" in this sheet and Paste Special-> and select Formatting After Downloading it, save this file as Excel template (xltx), in the default directory shown by the EXCEL while saving it, so that it could be easily accessible You can Open this template from File -> New-> My Templates->Rbc.xlts, and the use it and later on save as regular xls/xlsx files, Once saved in any format, GST validation functions will always be available in that book After opening this file you can, add insert new sheets, do your regular working and GSTN validation will be available in all the inserted sheets in the file. All the best.. Type =gstn_Is_Ok in the cell next to GSTIN and press enter Formulas you can use… =_1_gstnLenIs15 To check if there are 15 Characters in GSTIN =_2_gstn1stTwoNum To check if first two digits are numeric and state codes =_3_gstn3rdTo7thAlpha To check if 3rd to 7th Characters is Alphabet =_4_gstn6thPanStatus To check if 6th Characters is per PAN Status =_5_gstn8thTo11thNum To check if 8th to 11th characters as Numbers =_6_gstn12thAlpha To check if 12th Characters in Alphaber =_7_gstn13thisNum To check if 13th Characters is Number =_8_gstn14thisZ To check if 14th Character is "Z" =_9_gstn15thisAN To check if 15th Character is Alphanumeric =_10_gstnCheckSum To check if 15th Character is Checksum as per validation Rule =gstn_Is_Ok To check if GSTIN is Correct. Regards #xlsx
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