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100 Hours Information Technology Training Sample Multiple Choice Questions Unit 1: Computer Fundamentals 1. CPU stands for a) Chief processing system b) Common processing unit c) Centre processing unit d) Central processing unit 2. A bit is denoted by a) Either a 1 or 0 b) A group of wires c) Voltage d) An information 3. Basic unit of data in a computer is a) Number b) Alphabet c) Byte d) Bit 4. Alphanumeric data is a) AXYZ b) X1234sd c) 102390 d) +-*%Axf 5. The primary or main memory is called a) RAM b) ROM c) EPROM d) ROAM 6. The VDU displays data as a) A, B, C /0,1,2 b) Set of lines c) A set of pixels d) A set of boxes 7. Choose the maximum resolution of the SVGA graphi cs card a) 1024*640 b) 780*1024 c) 1280*1024 d) 1280*680 8. Word, Excel, PowerPoint are called a) Operating systems b) Programming software c) Programs d) Application software 9. VDU/Monitor is an a) Output device b) I/O device c) Input device d) O/I device 10. Computer virus is a) A germ which affects the computer b) A switch which affects the computer c) A voltage fluctuation d) A software program that affects data 11. A secondary storage device a) Light pen b) Printer c) Floppy d) Joy stick 12. Dos, Windows, Unix, OS/2 Linux are a) Operating System software b) Software c) Programming languages d) Hardware 13. The hard copy of data is retrieved from a) CD b) VDU c) Floppy d) Printer 14. The input device that utilizes a light -sensiti ve detector to select objects on a display a) touch screen b) touch pad c) light scan d) light pen 15. The multimedia devices are a) Mouse b) MIC c) Speaker d) Floppy 16. A device, which helps in accessing the Internet a) CPU b) Cable c) Modem d) Telephone 17. A computer is a combination of a) Hardware and software b) Electrical and electronics c) Monitor and processor d) Keyboard and electricity 18. 48X, 64X represent the a) Capacity of ram memory b) Speed of the processor c) Reading speed of a CD drive d) Number of lines on the screen 19. A set of tracks across a set of platters in a hard disk is called a……………. a) Disk b) Cylinder c) Spiral d) Block 20. Software’s used for layout of newsletters and m agazines along with text and images are called………….. a) Application Software b) Desktop Publishing c) Application Development d) Data Modelling Answers 1. d 2. a 3. d 4. b 5. a 6. c 7. c 8.d 9. a 10. d 11.c 12. a 13. d 14. d 15.a,b,c 16. c 17. a 18. c 19. b 20.b Unit 2: Operating System 1. The primary purpose of an operating system is __ __ a) To make the most efficient use of the computer hard ware b) To allow people to use the computer c) To keep systems programmers employed d) To make computers easier to use. 2. Multiprogramming systems are ……………….. a) Are easier to develop than single programming syste ms. b) Execute each job faster. c) Execute more jobs in the same time period. d) Are used only on large mainframe computers 3. All computers must have…………………to interface with an user. a) Word processing software b) An operating system c) A printer attached d) virus checking program 4. An operating system is a………………….. a) Integrated software b) CD-ROM software c) Application software d) System software 5. Which file extensions indicate only graphics fil es? a) BMP and DOC b) JPEG and TXT c) TXT and STK d) BMP and GIF 6. Which Windows program do you use to manage folde rs and files? a) Windows Explorer b) Windows Accessories c) Microsoft Office d) Windows Control Panel 7. Disk space is the a) Place where the computer does the processing b) Box that holds the guts of the computer c) Place where your files are stored. d) Dump the deleted files 8. The three basic kinds of files for the computer are application, document and system files. a) TRUE b) FALSE 9. A text-based operating system is …… a) MS-DOS b) MS-Word c) Windows 3.0 d) Windows XP 10. The first Windows version was ………..... a) Windows 3.0 b) Windows 3.11 c) Windows 4.0 d) Windows NT 11. The OS that monitors external activities with timing constraints is…………… a) Multi-user b) Real-time c) Multitasking d) Multithreading 12. Which of the following traits do FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS all have in common? a) The MFT is located at offset 0x01 of the third sect or b) A 64 byte OEM ID is written to disk upon formatting c) The end of sector marker for the MBR is at offset 0 x01FE d) File names composed of the Unicode character set ar e supported 13. Which of the following statements about data e ncryption is false? a) In NTFS, folders cannot be encrypted, but all files within a folder can be encrypted b) Data on FAT16 and FAT32volumes can be encrypted, bu t not with the proprietary Windows encryption routines c) Third party applications must use the proper API co de if they intend on supporting read/write functions on encrypted files on NTFS volumes d) NTFS encryption cannot function on disks with a clu ster size greater than 4,096 bytes 14. Window XP is made for use on: a) personal computers b) notebook computers c) media centres d) all the above 15. What is the minimum memory required by Windows XP? a) 128 MB RAM b) 64 MB RAM c) 31 MB RAM d) 216 MB RAM 16. Windows XP has been criticized for its suscepti bility to……………. a) malware b) Viruses c) Trojan Horses d) all the above 17. What has replaced the hourglass “wait cursor” i n Windows Vista? a) Nothing – it’s still the hour glass b) A blue animated circle c) A spinning triangle d) A row of dots 18. Windows Vista allows parents to restrict the ti mes their children can use the PC via the Parental Controls feature. a) TRUE b) FALSE 19. What is the minimum processor speed for a PC t o be classed as Windows Vista capable? a) 600 Hz b) 800 Hz c) 1 GHz d) 1.5 GHz 20. With Windows Vista, do I finally get to stop bu ying security software? a) Yes b) No Answers 1. b 2. c 3. b 4.d 5. d 6. a 7. c 8. a 9. a 10. a 11. b 12. b 13. a 14. d 15. b 16. d 17. b 18. a 19. b 20. a Unit 3: MS-Word 1. A new tab will appear on the Ribbon if: a) You click the Picture command on the Insert tab b) You select a picture c) You right-click a picture and choose Picture Tools d) Either A or C. 2. Where is the Quick Access Toolbar and when shou ld you use it? a) It is in the upper-left corner of the screen, and y ou should use it for your favourite commands. b) It floats above your text, and you should use it wh en you need to make formatting changes. c) It is on the Home tab, and you should use it when y ou need to quickly launch or start a new document. d) None of the above 3. You can create bulleted lists by using the ____ _ tab and the _____ group. a) Page Layout tab, Paragraph group. b) Home tab, Paragraph group. c) Insert tab, Symbols group. d) Insert tab, Text group. 4. Which corner of the Word window has the zoom co ntrol? a) Upper-right. b) Upper-left c) Lower-right d) Lower-left 5. The Mini toolbar appears when: a) You double-click the active tab on the Ribbon b) You select text c) You select text with the mouse and then point at it . d) Any of the above. 6. Why the document you created at home displays wi th a different font at office? a) Because you have a different printer at school than at home b) Because you have a different monitor at school than at home c) Because the font you used at home is not installed on your school computer d) Because the version of Windows is different 7. How many different documents can you open at one time? a) No more than three b) Only one c) As many as your computer memory will hold d) No more than your Taskbar can display 8. Which keystroke will take you at the beginning o r the end of a long document? a) Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown b) Shift+Home and Shift+End c) Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End d) The only way is by using the right scroll bar 9. How many margin settings are performed for a page? a) Two (header and footer) b) Four (top, bottom, right, left) c) Two (landscape and Portrait) d) Two (top and bottom) 10. A document in portrait prints: a) The same characters per line with the same document in landscape b) More characters per line than the same document in landscape c) Less characters per line than the same document in landscape d) Smaller fonts in order to fit the same amount of ch aracters per line with landscape 11. How many Smart Art graphics are included in Mic rosoft Word 2007? a) More than 80 b) More Than 100 c) More than 500 d) More than 1000 12. What is the absolute minimum amount of RAM offi cially supported for Office Basic 2007? a) 64 MB b) 256 MB c) 512 MB d) 1 GB 13. Identify the keyboard shortcut to go to the be ginning of a document. a) Alt+PgUp b) Ctrl+End c) Ctrl+Home d) Alt+PgDn 14. How can you highlight text without using the m ouse? a) It is impossible b) Use the F5 key c) Use the arrow keys while holding down a Ctrl key d) Use the arrow keys while holding down a Shift key 15. In Word how can you force a page break? a) By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing the F1 key b) By using the Insert/Section Break c) By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing Ctrl+Enter d) By changing the font size of your document 16. Which ribbon contains the command to add a char t? a) View b) Insert c) Page layout d) Reference 17. What page view can you use to see what it will look like when printed? a) Print View b) Draft View c) Outline View d) Reading View 18. What can be shown on the status bar? a) Number of spelling errors, page number, document na me b) Number of pages in the document, word count, spelli ng/grammar check c) Size of Margins, word count, web layout d) Name of document, insert button, spell check 19. What is NOT a new feature in Word 2007? a) Drop Down Menu b) Charts c) Button d) Ribbon 20. What is NOT on the home ribbon? a) Change Styles b) Colour of Font c) Columns d) Font Answers: 1. b 2. a 3. b 4. c 5. c 6. d 7. c 8. c 9. b 10. c 11. b 12. b 13. c 14. d 15. c 16. b 17. a 18. b 19. a 20. b Unit 4: Excel 2007 1. The best way to get started in Excel 2007 is to click the _____. a) View toolbar b) Home tab c) Microsoft Office Button d) Quick Access 2. Some commands appear only when you need them. a) TRUE b) FALSE 3. In Page Layout view, you want to add a header to your worksheet, but you don't see the commands you need. To get the commands, you need to click i n the area that says "Click to add header." a) TRUE b) FALSE 4. To insert a new column, on the Home tab, click under Editing. a) TRUE b) FALSE 5. Someone sends you an Excel 2003 file, which you open in Excel 2007. When you're finished working with it in 2007, the file will automaticall y be saved as Excel 2007, unless you change the option. a) TRUE b) FALSE 6. To freeze column names, select the names. a) TRUE b) FALSE 7. A quick way to return to a specific area of a w orksheet is to type in the _____: a) Name box b) Formula bar c) Zoom box d) Format Box 8. Which key do you press to group two or more non adjacent worksheets? a) CTRL b) SHIFT c) ALT d) CTRL + SHIFT 9. To copy an entire worksheet and all its data, y ou should click the worksheet tab of the sheet that you want to copy, hold down SHIFT, and then drag th e selected sheet along the row of sheet tabs. a) TRUE b) FALSE 10. Which keyboard shortcut opens the Go To dialog box? a) CTRL+B b) F2 c) F5 d) F12 11. There are three worksheets with every new workb ook. You can change that automatic number if you want to. a) TRUE b) FALSE 12. To enter a fraction such as 1/4, the first thi ng you enter is _____. a) One b) Zero c) Minus Sign d) None of the above 13. Means:”######” a) You've entered a number wrong. b) You've misspelled something. c) The cell is not wide enough. d) Wrong Reference 14. To delete the formatting from a cell, you woul d: a) Delete the cell contents b) Click the Format cells c) Click the Edit menu d) All of the above 15. To add a new row, delete the cell in the row im mediately above which you want to add a new row. a) TRUE b) FALSE 16. Which key combination collapses the ribbon? a) [Ctrl]+[F1] b) [Ctrl]+[F3] c) [Ctrl]+[F5] d) [Ctrl]+[F7] 17. Which view shows margins and the rulers? a) Normal b) Page Layout c) Page setup d) Review 18. As you key a number in a cell, what mode appea rs in the status bar? a) Enter b) Ready c) Edit d) Record 19. What opens after clicking the Dialog Box Launch er in the Font group on the Home tab? a) Save dialog box b) Format Cells dialog box c) Font dialog box d) Launch dialog box 20. Where is the address of the active cell displa yed? a) Row heading b) Status bar c) Name Box d) Formula bar Answers 1.c 2.a 3.a 4.b 5.b 6.b 7.a 8.a 9.b 10.c 11.a 12.d 13. c 14. b 15.b 16.a 17.b 18.a 19.b 20.c Unit 5: PowerPoint 2007 1. A slide show begins with the _______________. a) first slide b) current slide c) animated slide d) bulleted slide 2. Which of the following is NOT an area in the Pr int dialog box? a) Notes b) Printer c) Print range d) Handouts 3. In addition to the Slides tab in Normal view, w hich view allows a user to select slides? a) Outline b) Slide Show c) Slide Sorter d) Slide Starter 4. When does a text placeholder get activated? a) when the pointer changes to a four-pointed arrow an d the user clicks b) when the pointer changes to an I-beam and the user clicks c) when a new slide is opened d) on pressing [F9] 5. How many options does PowerPoint provide for pr inting in black and white? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 6. When a new slide is inserted, what layout will it automatically have? a) Two Content layout b) the same layout as the previous slide (unless the p revious slide was the title slide) c) Title and Content layout (unless the previous slide was blank) d) Title Slide layout 7. Which of the following ways CANNOT be used to i nsert a new slide in a presentation? a) Click the New Slide button on the Home tab. b) Press [Ctrl]+[M]. c) Press [Ctrl]+[Enter] one or more times until a new slide appears. d) Click the Slide Layout button and choose a slide. 8. What is the keyboard short-cut to change the cas e of selected text? a) [Shift]+[F1] b) [Shift]+[F2] c) [Shift]+[F3] d) [Shift]+[F4] 9. Which tab enables users to change text alignment within placeholders? a) View b) Home c) Edit d) File 10. Bold and italic formatting are examples of ___ ____________. a) effects b) text designs c) text effects d) text styles 11. If users press _______________ while cropping, users can crop using very fine adjustments. a) Alt b) Ctrl c) Esc d) Shift 12. What is the quickest way to add a border to a picture that is selected? a) From the Home tab, click the Shape Outline button a nd select an appropriate colour and weight. b) From the Home tab, click the Shapes button and draw a rectangle then place it behind a picture. c) From the Format Picture tab, click a Picture Style d) A picture cannot have a border unless it is created with a border. 13. The Picture Shapes button can be found in the _____________. a) Picture Tools Format tab b) Home tab c) Insert tab d) Drawing Tools Format tab 14. When adding connector lines, red squares calle d _______________ indicate where the line and rectangle can be joined. a) connection sites b) connection links c) linking points d) joint connections 15. PowerPoint chart types include all except ____ ___________ charts. a) Column b) Line c) Legend d) Pie 16. Which of the following commands enables users to set animation timings such as adding a delay before an animation starts? a) From the Slide Show tab, click the Set Up Show butt on. b) From the Animations tab, click the Slide Transition button c) From the Custom Animation task pane, click the animation item's list box arrow and choose Timing d) From the Slide Show tab, click the Hide Slide butto n. 17. On the Play Sound dialog box, which of the fol lowing Start playing options is NOT correct? a) from beginning b) from last position c) from time and enter seconds d) from slide and enter the slide number 18. If sound effects are added using the _________ ______ task pane, the sound becomes a part of an animation effect. a) Slide Transition b) Slide Design c) Custom Animation d) Clip Art 19. Which of the following statements about motion paths is NOT correct? a) Motion paths are an animation effect. b) A motion path defines the line of travel that an ob ject can follow as part of an animation effect c) Motion paths can only be added to graphic elements. d) Motion paths can be added using the Custom Animatio n task pane. 20. _______________ controls the movement for how data appears when a chart is animated. a) Slide Show effects b) Effect options c) Speed d) Wipe effects Answers 1.b 2.a 3.c 4.b 5.a 6.b 7.d 8.c 9.b 10.d 11.a 12.c 13.a 14.a 15.c 16.c 17.d 18.c 19.c 20.b Unit 6: Data Bases 1. What is the keyboard shortcut to move to the la st records in a table? a) Tab b) Shift + Tab c) Ctrl + Home d) Ctrl + End 2. _______________ is a major database object used to display information in an attractive, easy-to- read screen format. a) form b) query c) report d) table 3. Which major database object stores all data? a) field b) query c) record d) table 4. In Datasheet View, new records are added to a ta ble _______________. a) in alphabetical order b) at the end of the table c) at the beginning of the table d) in numerical order 5. What happens when a user selects a record in a form and presses [Delete]? a) The record is deleted in the form and from its sour ce table. b) The record is deleted in the form, but not from its source table. c) The record is neither deleted in the form, nor from its source table. d) The record is not deleted in the form, but is delet ed from its source table. 6. Which of the following CANNOT be done to data u sing a Form? a) Store b) Sort c) Edit d) Print 7. What is one of the advantages for using a form over other Access objects? a) Utilizes field placement to improve the efficiency of data entry. b) Forms store information more efficiently. c) Forms show the summary of all the records. d) Forms cannot be edited. 8. Which of the following methods CANNOT be used t o copy a block of text from one part of a table to another? a) Press [Ctrl]+[C] and [Ctrl]+[V]. b) Right-click, choose from the shortcut menu Copy and Paste. c) Press [Ctrl]+[+] and [Ctrl]+[-]. d) From the ribbon, select Copy and Paste. 9 A(n) _______________ in the Record Selector indicates a new record. a) check mark b) pencil c) asterisk d) arrow 10. All attachment fields display as a(n) ________ _______ in Datasheet View. a) icon b) button c) thumb tack d) paperclip 11. Which of the following methods CANNOT be used t o delete records from a table? a) Selecting records and pressing [Delete] b) Pressing [Ctrl]+['] c) Clicking the Delete Record button d) From the ribbon, selecting Delete Record 12. The undo command is found where in Access? a) Office button b) Home command tab c) Status bar d) Quick Access toolbar 13. To remove all Sorts in a table you can click th e _______________ command. a) Clear All Sorts b) Delete All Sorts c) Eliminate All Sorts d) Remove All Sorts 14. A(n) _____________ is dynamic mathematical cal culation that displays a single value for a specific field. a) format row b) criteria row c) aggregate function d) format layout 15. In a table, _______________(s) are displayed i n the order in which they were entered. Most often this order is not useful. a) formula b) format c) layout d) record 16. The _______________ is a wild card that represe nts one or more characters. a) question mark b) asterisk c) exclamation mark d) dollar sign 17. Which is not an option for Filter on a text field? a) Begins With b) Between c) Contains d) End With 18. Which of the following functions CANNOT be use d in the Totals row? a) Average b) Count c) Maximum d) Round 19. The Input Mask wizard does NOT include the abil ity to do which of the following? a) Force all uppercase b) Define placeholder c) Store symbols with data d) Use preset masks 20. Which of the following field properties enforc es the use of parentheses when keying an area code? a) Field Size b) Format c) Input Mask d) Validation Rule Answers 1.d 2.a 3.d 4.b 5.a 6.a 7.a 8.c 9.c 10.d 11.b 12.d 13. a 14.c 15.d 16.b 17.b 18.d 19.a 20.c Unit 7: MS-Office Utilities 1. What is the purpose of a BCC box in an e-mail a ddress? a) It sends bridged copies of a message to clients. b) It sends copies of a message without revealing the addresses to the recipients. c) It receives blind copies of a message in the Inbox. d) It receives bundled content messages. 2. What are the names of Outlook’s main programs? a) Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks b) Mail, Calendar, Address Book, and To Do List c) E-Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks d) Inbox, Calendar, Address Book, and Tasks 3. Which term best describes Outlook? a) Database manager b) Messaging client c) Presentation client d) Spreadsheet manager 4. How should you key the address for a contact in the new contact form? a) Each part followed by a semicolon b) Each part followed by a comma c) Each part on a separate line d) Each part in a separate text box 5. What term describes a named group of e-mail add resses? a) Contacts b) Directory list c) Distribution list d) Phone directory 6. How can you add a contact from an e-mail messag e header? a) Right-click the from address and choose Add to Outl ook Contacts b) Right-click the to address and choose Add to Outloo k Contacts c) Right-click the form address and choose New. d) Right-click the to address and choose New. 7. For what can you use Outlook Calendar? a) Manage client data b) View and send electronic mail c) Schedule appointments and meetings d) Manage files 8. What part of the Outlook window shows a complet e month with arrows for moving through dates? a) Calendar Navigator b) Calendar Bar c) Date Navigator d) Date Bar 9. What term describes an activity that occurs at a specific day and time perhaps without other people? a) Appointment b) Assignment c) Contact d) Meeting 10. Which of the following is the best example of a recurring appointment? a) Daily e-mail b) Weekly tasks c) Monthly haircut d) Yearly schedule 11. What happens if you drag an e-mail message fro m the Inbox to the To Do pane? a) Appointment form opens. b) Meeting form opens. c) New task form opens. d) New schedule form opens. 12. Which of the following is the best example of a recurring task? a) Checking your e-mail b) Buying new software c) Installing a new printer d) Composing a letter to a new client 13. What button on the Standard toolbar includes a drop-down list for creating Outlook items? a) Actions b) Edit c) File d) New 14. What is the best description of a task? a) Contact with e-mail and mailing addresses b) Jobs with start and due dates c) Event with beginning and ending times d) Meeting with required and optional attendees 15. Which of the following is the best example of an Outlook rule? a) Create all new Contacts with a template business ca rd. b) Move all e-mail messages from Jane Smith to the Con ference folder c) Display all Out of Office times with a purple bar. d) Show the To-Do Bar at the right side of the Outlook window. 16. What is the best description of an Outlook rul e? a) A condition that specifies an action b) An action that has no exceptions. c) An exception to the condition. d) A condition without an action. 17. Which button on the Ribbon allows you to specify when an e-mail message is sent? a) Delay Date b) Delay Delivery c) Request Delay d) Slow Send Answers 1.b 2.a 3.b 4.c 5.c 6.a 7.c 8.c 9.a 10.c 11.a 12.a 13. d 14.b 15.b 16.a 17.b Unit 8: Accounting Package 1. The ‘Sales Order Outstanding’ screen by default will show the report as on last date of voucher? a) TRUE b) FALSE 2. After service tax is enabled for a company, ente ring the service tax master details is not compulsory as it does not affect the voucher entries. a) TRUE b) FALSE 3. While entering a ‘Purchase Account Invoice’, in the ‘party’s account name’ field, the pop-up list does not display: a) Sundry Creditors Ledger b) Purchase Ledger c) Branch/Divisions Ledger d) Bank & Cash Ledgers Test Format 4. Hide Group ledgers at run time in reports in T ally 9, Tally 9.0 a) Alt + R b) Alt + S. c) Alt + U d) Alt + C 5. How to delete Multiple vouchers in tally? a) Tally allows you to delete a voucher b) Tally use Ctrl + Delete Key to delete multiple tran sactions at once c) Tally does not allow you to delete multiple transac tions at once d) Tally does not allow you to create multiple transac tions 6. How many Groups/Sub-Groups can be created in Ta lly 9.0? a) 28 b) Any Number c) 16 d) 228 7. How to recall the current voucher’s narration in Ta lly 9.0? a) Ctrl+R b) Alt + R c) Alt + E 8. How to create duplicate entry in Tally? a) Alt + E b) Ctrl + G c) Alt + C d) Alt + 2 9. Shortcut key to select units is a) Ctrl+V b) Ctrl + U c) Ctrl + S d) Alt + U 10. Shortcut key to select Stock Items is a) Ctrl + I b) Alt + 2 c) Alt + R d) Ctrl+R 11. How to add a voucher? a) Ctrl + I b) Alt + A c) Alt + E d) Alt + S. 12. Import and Export of data between Tally and oth er programs is possible only through ---------- Program. a) Tally ODBC b) Tally IMP c) Tally INI d) None of the above 13. The re-order point is the inventory quantity th at trigger a stock replishment activity. a) TRUE b) false 14. A created company's detail can be modified thr ough keys a) F3 b) ALT+F3 c) CTRL+F3 d) None of the above 15. A/An ------------- is the official notice that the firm sends to its customers to advise then to the amount of money that is owed. a) Invoice b) Bill c) A or B d) None of the above 16. In tally,all masters have ________main options a) Two b) Three c) Four d) Five 17. In tally,to create a new column in balance she et press _______ a) Ctrl+C b) Alt+C c) Alt+Ctrl+C d) None of the above 18. In tally,the use of group behaves like a sub-l edger, option is that we can summarize many ledger accounts into one line statements a) TRUE b) FALSE 19. In tally, we can alter ledger details using ei ther single or multiple modes but not able to dele te a ledger from multiple modes. a) TRUE b) FALSE 20. In tally,a group company is marked with an ___ ___________ a) * b) $ c) & d) ^ Answers 1.b 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.c 6.b 7.a 8.d 9.b 10.a 11.b 12.a 13.a 14.b 15.c 16.b 17.b 18.a 19.a 20.a Unit 9: Computer Aided Audit Techniques 1. The purpose of an audit is to gather and evaluate evidence in order to form an opinion on the ..... of a company's financial statements. a) rationality b) realization c) reliability d) responsibility 2. The audit..... is usually no more than a page i n length and is attached to the financial statement s. a) report b) response c) result d) review 3. Auditors are not responsible for the..... of th e financial statements of an company. a) evaluation b) examination c) position d) preparation 4. In the financial statements, the company implic itly states that all items, account balances and transactions are ..... valid, complete and accurate . a) essentially b) generally c) materially d) precisely 5. An error in..... is committed when the financia l statements include an item that should not be included. a) accuracy b) auditing c) completeness d) validity 6. The purpose of an internal audit is to identify weaknesses in a quality system, address them and follow up to be sure that corrective actions are ef fective. a) TRUE b) FALSE 7. During an internal audit, a department or functi onal group within an organization is evaluated according to every applic able clause of the quality system standard. a) TRUE b) FALSE 8. Tests of controls include all of the following except: a) Inspection of documents, files, etc b) Analytical procedures. c) Walk-throughs. d) Observation. 9. Which of the following is not considered a gener al control? a) Back up and disaster recovery controls. b) Password protection on the central server. c) Reconciliation of payroll record count with the num ber of active employees. d) Requiring change authorization forms on all program software. 10. Which of the following represents the greatest source of losses in data processing? a) Computer fraud b) Theft of Machine Time c) Errors and omissions d) Machine room fires 11. What specific audit test would be used to ensu re that an update of a master file is performed accurately? a) Reconcile computer generated totals with totals on update report b) perform cut-off testing c) reconcile time cards with job sheets d) review update reports for proper authorization for processing 12. Example of use of CAATS? a) Snapshot b) System control audit review file c) Test data generators d) All of the above 13. CAATS offer the following advantages a) Reduces the level of audit risk b) Allows more interaction with auditor c) Immediate cost savings d) Narrower audit coverage 14. The purpose of a follow up review after an aud it is to: a) Ensure corrective action is achieving desired resul ts b) Ensure that an auditor gets performance evaluation after each audit c) Determine if inaccuracies exist in the auditor's as sessment d) Perform compliance testing of selected controls 15. Snapshots involve a) Matching user ID's against approved access tables b) Tagging transactions by applying identifiers to inp ut data and recording selected data on what occurs c) Taking what might be termed pictures of the applica tion in a common operating system d) Embedding audit hooks in application systems to fun ction as red flags and to induce IS auditors to act before an error or irregularity get s out of hand 16. _______ is used for CAAT as database a) Oracle b) ACL c) JCL d) none the above 17. Generalized audit software perform auditors to undertake any past records and not concurrent auditing a) True b) False 18. Generalized audit software is a file whose cap abilities for verifying processing is logic a) True b) False 19. CAAT's are computer program and data that audit or uses as part of the audit procedures to process data if audit significance contained in an entity i nformation system a) True b) False 20. CAAT do not contains package programs, purpose written program, utility programs or system management programs a) yes b) no Answers 1. c 2. a 3. d 4. c 5. d 6. a 7. b 8. b 9. c 10. b 11. a 12. d 13. a 14. d 15. b 16. a 17. a 18. b 19. a 20. b Unit 10: Web Technology & System Security and Maintenance 1. What's considered the "backbone" of the World Wide Web? a) Uniform resource locator (URL) b) Hypertext mark-up language (HTML) c) Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) d) Web Server 2. What's the difference between HTTP and HTML? a) HTML describes what's on the page; HTTP allows site s to communicate with each other. b) HTTP describes what's on the page; HTML allows site s to communicate with each other c) There's no difference; they mean the same thing. d) Both are same 3. What's the best way to describe the Internet? a) One master computer that connects to all of our hom es b) A network of networks c) A series of pipes d) a catalog of information organized and fact-checked by a governing body 4. We access the World Wide Web using: a) Browsers b) Instant messaging applications c) Spidey senses d) Google 5. What's one way you can use the Internet without using HTTP? a) Using a browser b) Using a telephone c) Newsgroup d) Accessing e-mail 6. The Internet began with the development of: a) USENET b) ARPANET c) Ethernet d) Subnet 7. What's the name for the program or service that lets you view e-mail messages? a) Web browser b) the Tardis c) E-mail clients d) E-mail Server 8. What is a port? a) It's what you take in a storm. b) It's the protocol e-mail messages have to follow to travel over the Internet. c) It's a data connection that allows information tran sfer to and from a specific server process 9. What does the SMTP in an SMTP server stand for? a) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol b) Server Message Test Phase c) Short Messaging Text Process 10. What two kinds of servers handle incoming e-ma il messages? a) Web and FTP servers b) POP3 and IMAP servers c) SQL and AVG servers 11. Which of the following is considered to be poor e-mail etiquette? a) Responding to messages as soon as possible b) Keeping the message personal c) Using lots of capital letters to emphasize certain words 12. What does a Web browser do? a) Requests, interprets and displays Web pages b) Works as a tool to design Web pages c) Delivers Web pages 13. What is a Web server? a) Special code that tells a browser how to display te xt b) A human that keeps up with Web surfers' constant de mands by manually sending Web sites back to browsers c) Software that responds to a browser's request 14. An HTML tag is: a) A bit of code that tells a Web browser what to do w ith text b) The link you click on when you want to go to anothe r Web page c) A special badge Web developers wear 15. Which of the following is not a program used to create Web pages? a) Notepad b) Adobe AIR c) SimpleText d) EditPlus 16. What keystroke is used to close an HTML tag? a) A quote mark (") b) A backward slash (\) c) A forward slash (/) 17. What does the acronym URL stand for? a) unknown reference location b) uniform resource locator c) unfamiliar rodent lounge d) Unlimited Resources for Learning 18. What is the common term for the core infrastruc ture of the Internet? a) backbone b) master control program (MCP) c) the matrix d) Message Delivery gent 19. The series of numbers representing a Web addres s are better known as what? a) URL b) Host c) HTTP d) IP address 20. What are the four numbers in an IP address com monly called? a) octets b) complex numbers c) rational numbers d) Integer Numbers Answers 1.b 2.a 3.b 4.a 5.d 6.b 7.c 8.c 9.a 10.b 11.c 12.a 13.c 14.a 15.b 16.c 17.b 18.a 19.d 20.a Unit 11: Visual Basic 1. What is the name of the bar where you would see a Categorized view or an Alphabetic View? a) Project Properties Window b) Tool Bar c) Tool Box window d) Project explorer 2. On start up, which of this window is not displa yed? a) The Blank Form window b) The Class window c) The Project window d) The Properties window 3. Message boxes are used for a) when you want to ask the user a question b) display an error message c) advise the user d) All the above 4. You are designing a form and it will be necessa ry for the user to type in their name. You should use a _____________ for inputting the user’s name. a) text box b) label c) command button d) check box 5. Which of these is not an valid messagebox in VB ? a) vbOKonly b) vbExitOnly c) vbAbortRetryIgnore d) vbRetryCancel 6. What is the meaning of *.VBP ? a) Volly Ball Practice b) Visual Binary Protocol c) Visual Basic Project d) Visible - property 7. A control array is a list of controls with the a) Same name b) Same name and index c) both 1 and 2 d) None of these 8. A hair styling salon needs help designing a form for the various services that they offer. What would you suggest they use that will display all of the services, and will allow customers to choose one or more items? a) Check Box b) Text Box c) Option Buttons d) Name Box 9. When you declare a variable or a named constant , Visual Basic reserves an area of memory and assigns it a name called an a) Identifier b) Identity c) Declaration d) Dimension 10. Which of the following is not a valid rule for identifiers? a) Names may contain underscores. b) Names may contain letters. c) Names may contain digits. d) Names may contain spaces. 11. The statement to declare a local variable call ed Index that will store whole numbers is: a) Dim whlIndex as Whole b) Dim strIndex as String c) Dim Integer as intIndex d) Dim intIndex as Integer 12. The reserved Visual Basic word Dim is short fo r dimension, which means a) declaration. b) size c) Storage location d) Identifier 13. With the logical operator _______ , both condi tions must be for the entire condition to evaluate . a) Or b) Not c) = d) And 14. In visual basic, in a shape control, a vb stat ement gives Shape1.Shape = 2. What type of shape should we get? a) circle b) rectangle c) square d) oval 15. In visual basic, a timer event is only availabl e in timer control. a) true b) false 16. In visual basic, vbred or vbgreen or vbblue ar e the property values of a backcolor of any object a) true b) false 17. In visual basic, _______ is a property of a tex tbox control to set a color of a text. a) fontcolor b) color c) forecolor d) none of the above 18. In visual basic, _______ property of a textbox control is set to _______ to underline a text a) underline,true b) fontunderline,true c) textunderline,true d) none of the above 19. In visual basic, _______ property of a textbox control is used to change the size of text. a) textsize b) size c) foresize d) fontsize 20. In visual basic, the interval property of a ti mer control is given in ________ a) one- millionth of a second b) one-hundredth of a second c) one-thousandth of a second d) one-ten thousandth of a second Answers 1.d 2.b 3.d 4.a 5.b 6.c 7.b 8.a 9.a 10.c 11.d 12.a 13.d 14.d 15.a 16.a 17.c 18.b 19.d 20.c Unit 12: Digital Signatures and Verification of Electronic Records 1. Message ________ means that the sender and the r eceiver expect privacy a) confidentiality b) integrity c) authentication d) none of the above 2. Message_____ means that the data must arrive at the receiver exactly as sent a) confidentiality b) integrity c) authentication d) none of the above 3. Message _______ means that the receiver is ensu red that the message is coming from the intended sender, not an imposter. a) confidentiality b) integrity c) authentication d) none of the above 4. _________ means that a sender must not be able to deny sending a message that he sent. a) confidentiality b) integrity c) authentication d) Non-Repudiation 5. ________ means to prove the identity of the ent ity that tries to access the system's resources. a) Message authentication b) Entity authentication c) Message confidentiality d) none of the above 6. A(n) _________ can be used to preserve the inte grity of a document or a message a) message digest b) message summary c) encrypted message d) none of the above 7. A(n) ________function creates a message digest out of a message a) Encryption b) Decryption c) Hasn d) none of the above 8. A hash function must meet ________ criteria. a) Two b) Three c) Four d) none of the above 9. A ________ signature is included in the document; a _______ signature is a separate entity. a) conventional; digital b) digital; digital c) either (a) or (b) d) neither (a) nor (b) 10. Digital signature provides ________. a) authentication b) nonrepudiation c) both (a) and (b) d) neither (a) nor (b) 11. Digital signature cannot provide ________ for the message. a) integrity b) confidentiality c) Non-Repudiation d) authentication 12. A digital signature needs a(n)_________ system . a) symmetric-key b) asymmetric-key c) either (a) or (b) d) neither (a) nor (b) 13. A(n) ________is a federal or state organizatio n that binds a public key to an entity and issues a certificate. a) KDC b) Kerberos c) CA d) none of the above 14. Within an EDI system which of the following is used to determine authorization sign -on? a) Private key cryptosystem b) Digital signatures c) Spoofing d) Terminal ID and password 15. Which of the following would be the most appro priate way to ensure the confidentiality of transactions via the internet? a) Digital signatures b) Digital Encryption Standard c) Virtual Private network d) Public Key encryption 16. Which of the following would not be the charac teristic of a private key encryption? a) Two different keys are used for encryption and decr yption b) The encryption key should be secure c) Digital Encryption Standard is a typical privates key cryptosystem d) For decryption , the decryption key should be equiv alent to encryption key Answers 1.a 2.b 3.c 4.d 5.b 6.a 7.c 8.b 9.a 10.c 11.b 12.b 13. c 14.b 15.d 16.a

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