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THIS BOOK IS FOR ACHIEVERS Robin studied at a reputed convent in Iswaradham, India. He is never good at studies and not even ordinary. On writing the twelfth standard exams, he decided to rise high by venturing his full time into the business. Robin believes in fighting against the world to achieve victory. Though he is ideological at the psychic level, he positions himself always towards his goals. His mysterious spirit appears to the world as selfish, obsessive, and egoistic. The introduction chapter shares some beliefs of the Eastern philosophy about the soul for entertainment. This chapter depicts the birth secret of the protagonist and speaks about his previous birth. One day, out of the blue, Robin's father announces a great misfortune due to losses from the partnership business. That sudden report sketched a massive change to his manner and goals. That adverse jerk directed this rebellious powerhouse to a new path of intellectual pursuits. In a few hours of the news, he took a decision that hitched-up his life from misfortune to the epitome of a successful profession. THE PROTAGONIST IS ALWAYS GOAL ORIENTED The association of necessity with his passion for the profession transformed Robin into a successful planner of his new path. He set himself as a trailblazer and exemplary to the generations to follow. By way of pursuing the profession, he learned how to - schedule the exam preparation effectively - prioritize tasks; - analyze a trend; - clasp to a goal firmly; - Overcome a difficulty, and - especially how to bounce back from a failure without indulging in vengeance. This fictional creation depicts the importance of self-management without being didactic like self-help genres. The author depicted the theme of goal setting very adroitly with the help of characters. THIS BOOK IS ALL ABOUT GOAL SETTING. PURSUE EXCELLENCE - SUCCESS WILL CHASE YOU. NEVER GO AFTER SUCCESS - SUCCESS SHALL FOLLOW YOU. #pdf
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