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Hello all, As promised i am attaching the topics to be covered in Communication, These are the topics which each and every one of you should prepare before attempting your exams. Prepare 4/5 topics per day by writing the topics covered by you daily. You can complete the entire topics within a period of 10 - 15 days and get 20-24 marks in Paper 2 of CA IPCC. All the best. #pdf

on 15 October 2016

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ChapSl.NoName of the Topic 1Process of Communication 2Advantages of formal communication 3Factors leading to the grapevine phenomenon 4Grapevine Chains 5Merits & Demerits of the grapevine phenomenon 6Oral communication - seven Cs 7Oral communication (vs) Written Communication 8Kinesics or Body language 9Paralanguage -Speaker Vocal cues 10Benefits of Effective Communication 11Barriers to Effective Communication 12Parts of a Business Letter 13Principles of Interpersonal Communication 14Functions of Interpersonal Communication 15Tips for Improving Interpersonal Skills 16Active Listening-Guidelines 17Critical Thinking-skills to develop 18Qualities of a Critical Thinker 19Emotional Intelligence 20Competencies Associated with Emotional Intelligence2 21Groups-Characteristics of Groups 22Characteristics of group personality 23Types of Groups in Organisations 24Handling Group Conflicts 25Consensus Building-Steps to be taken 26Negotiation- Different ways 27Basic Rules of Negotiation 28Negotiation Process 29Ethical Communication 30Factors Influencing Ethical Communication 31Ethical Dilemmas In Communication 32Guidelines to handle Communication Ethics Dilemmas 33NCA’s Credo for Ethical Communication 34Elements used to describe or influence Organizational Culture 35Why is organization-wide change difficult to accomplish? 36Reasons Why People Resent or Resist Change 37Reasons for Acceptance of Change: 38Should one use oral or written communication? Guidelines for making this decision. 39Finding the Right Balance Between Bureaucracy and Chaos 40Specimen of Notice 41Specimen of Minutes of Annual General Meeting 42Specimen of Chairman’s Speech 43Press Releases 44Corporate Announcements by Stock Exchanges 45Partnership Deed 46Power of Attorney 47Lease Deed 48Affidavit 49Indemnity Bond 50Gift Deed CA IPCC COMMUNICATION (20 Marks) C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 DEEDS

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