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Updated for May 2016 Exam #pdf
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CA FINAL STRATEGIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SFM Theory CA Mayank Kothari BBA, ACA No. Topic No. of Questions Page No. 1 Indian Capital Market 33 1-17 2 Derivatives 21 18-29 3 Portfolio Management 11 30-35 4 Dividend Decisions 12 36-42 5 Foreign Exchange & Risk Management 7 43-46 6 Project Planning 5 47-49 7 Capital Budgeting 16 50-55 8 Leasing Decisions 7 56-57 9 Financial Services 19 58-64 10 Bond Valuation 3 65 11 Mutual Funds 6 66-68 12 Money Market Operations 14 69-73 13 Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring 11 74-77 14 Security Analysis 9 67-83 Total 174 Video Lectures @ For May 2016 Exam Strategic Financial Management SFM Theory Mayank M. Kothari, BBA, ACA Print: February 2016 © Author This edition is printed with license from the author CA Mayank M. Kothari All rights reserved. No part of this work covered by the copyright herei n, may be reproduced, transmitted, stored or used in any form or by any m eans graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including but not limited to photocopying, recordin g, scanning, digitizing, taping, web distribution, information networks or information storage and ret rieval systems without the prior written permission of the publisher or the author. Tel: 09422107444 / 07350104444 For more information contact the author at Tel: 91-8983-47-5152 Facebook: Disclaimer: While every effort is taken to avoid errors or omissions in this publicat ion, any mistake or omission that may have crept in, is not intentional. It may be taken note of that neither the publisher, nor the author, will be responsible for any damage or l oss of any kind arising to any one in any manner on account of such errors or omissions. The discussion in the present text is academic and does not tantamount to expertise/professional servi ce to the readers on the related subject matter. Furth er comments and suggestions for improving quality o f the book are welcome and will be gratefully acknowl edged. - CA Mayank Kothari My Inspiration Words of Acknowledgment When a dream turns into a reality, it’s my duty to acknowledge those who have been the real strength behind my work. Thanks To- - Senior and Mentor, CA Farooq Haque sir , for believing in me and giving me opportunity at Farooq Haque Classes to broadcast the videos in the entire country on - My friend, Vijay Laddha for his extensive support in helping us to reach th e maximum number of students. - My friend, CA Garvita Agrawal, her suggestions has made all the complex decisions very simple and effective. - Finally and the most important, Thank you Mom & Dad Your everyday support means a lot to me. - CA Mayank Kothari Words to the wise CA Exams CA Exams Getting practical with the bookish knowledge is very important. I had to keep that thing in my mind all the time du ring exam preparation that only 5-6 People are going to pass out of 100. Writing the correct answer and expecting to get the marks would have been the biggest mistake I could have done. Because I cannot underestimate other participant in the contest, that’s why I assumed that everybody is going to put their efforts for the sam e exam, and among 100 it’s obvious that atleast 30-35 people can give the right answer for any part icular question but not all the 30-35 are going to Pass the Exam. Clear enough. So, writing the correct answer and expecting a spot in top 5 represents that I am still the poor guy who didn't understand the game yet. And there's absolutely no place for the weak people in exams like CA, hence there's no choice but to be Strong. Knowing all these things I was bound to put extra e fforts, something which majority of the students might not be doing in their preparation. I researched, I surfed, I asked and then found few things. I did it and frankly it was a blind game because I didn't know whether it’s going to work or not. But taking the risk again is only option which may give you return. And on the other side I was happy somewhere because the moment I decided to do something extra was the moment I sepa rated myself from rest of the world. In my eyes I was no more a person picked up from the crow d. First you only have to feel that you are special and then the world will participate in your belief.

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