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Income Tax Files (in last 365 days)

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IT Chart 2019

Here it is. Duly updated covering Finance Act 2019-20 (in both pdf and jpg format). Ur suggestions on its improvement are highly welcome....

Posted on 08 August 2019  (Downloads: 3273) Income Tax

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IT Comput 2020-21RC4

Input yearly accounting figuers and generate trading account, profit & loss account, income & expenditure account with balance sheet and comput tax liability with interest u/s 234A, 234B & 234C. Easly backup & restore your clients database and split the a...

Posted on 16 January 2020  (Downloads: 771) Income Tax

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Points to Remember while finalizing books of accounts of private limited company For FY 2018-19

Points to Remember while finalizing books of accounts of private limited company For FY 2018-19...

Posted on 07 October 2019  (Downloads: 1977) Income Tax

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ITR- Companies - (Additional Requirements) - Info Sheet

Income Tax Return for Corporate Assessee for the year ended on 31.03.2019- ITR 6 (Additional Requirements) - Information sheet for sending to assessee to get those additional details are as per attached sheet...

Posted on 03 September 2019  (Downloads: 529) Income Tax

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Annexure -2 for TDS Return Uploading for Q4 F Y 2018-19

It is an open source document with tax calculation formula it can save time for preparing the TDS Return for F Y 2018-19...

Posted on 24 May 2019  (Downloads: 779) Income Tax

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Tax Calculator 2020-21

Is new tax regime better for your...

Posted on 19 March 2020  (Downloads: 500) Income Tax

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Free excel tool for Form16 AY 2019-20

Generate unlimited Form-16 Part B as per latest circular format of Government. Option to merge Part A and Part B. Digitally sign pdf....

Posted on 01 June 2019  (Downloads: 2392) Income Tax

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Vivad se Vishwas Scheme, 2020- Summary

Vivad se Vishwas Scheme, 2020- Summary for our general knowledge...

Posted on 10 February 2020  (Downloads: 291) Income Tax

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Analysis of new income tax rates

Analysis of new income tax rates applicable for companies...

Posted on 07 December 2019  (Downloads: 1452) Income Tax

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TDS Chart AY 2020-21


Posted on 08 June 2019  (Downloads: 2106) Income Tax

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Learnings from Income Tax Assessments

ABOUT THE PRESENTATION This presentation is based on my first hand experience in income tax assessments over past 3 years. I have tried to expalin in breif as to what transpired at ground level in each case without use of much of jargon. It has dawned ...

Posted on 20 November 2019  (Downloads: 1205) Income Tax

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Tax Compliance Calendar 2020

An initiative of Kubera Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Tax Due Date Calendar 2020 is being published by us 4th successful year of this unique idea Coverage of Most due dates of Income Tax, GST, Professional Tax & ESI, Company Law....

Posted on 16 January 2020  (Downloads: 843) Income Tax

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TAX Audit

Tax audit under section 44 AB...

Posted on 18 September 2019  (Downloads: 1605) Income Tax

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Journey to New Direct Tax Law [ 22.11.2017 to 11.07.2019]

In order to review the existing Income Tax Act and to draft a new Direct Tax Law in consonance with economic needs of the country, the Government of India constituted a Task Force on 22nd November, 2017. This task force is preparing draft code after takin...

Posted on 12 July 2019  (Downloads: 318) Income Tax

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TDS deduction for salaried employees

TDS deduction for salaried employees...

Posted on 19 April 2019  (Downloads: 1875) Income Tax

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