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Income Tax Files

pdf File
217 KB

ITR- Companies - (Additional Requirements) - Info Sheet

Income Tax Return for Corporate Assessee for the year ended on 31.03.2019- ITR 6 (Additional Requirements) - Information sheet for sending to assessee to get those additional details are as per attached sheet...

Posted on 03 September 2019  (Downloads: 555) Income Tax

zip File
192 KB

Form No.15H (wef.01.10.2015)

This is new Form 15H wef. 01.10.2015.This is automated form and no need to fill the data everytime.Easy to update the data at any time.After entered the data in Declarent details form,go to Form 15H,Scroll the names in dropdown list you can see how the fo...

Posted on 07 October 2015  (Downloads: 357) Income Tax

pdf File
301 KB

Income Tax Compliance Calendar - Mar 21

Income Tax Compliance Calendar - Mar 21...

Posted on 19 March 2021  (Downloads: 393) Income Tax

xlsx File
46 KB

New Tax Regime Versus Old Tax Regime - Tax Calculator

"Income Tax Calculator for Old & New Tax Regime for Salaried Employee" will assist you in determining Tax Liability under both Options viz. New Tax Regime and Old Tax Regime. Instructions for using Income Tax Calculator for Old & New Tax Regime for Sa...

Posted on 16 October 2020  (Downloads: 677) Income Tax

doc File
241 KB

Income from house property

Applicable for may 2013...

Posted on 09 February 2013  (Downloads: 1235) Income Tax

pdf File
1371 KB

Changes made in E-Assessment

Issued by Ministry of Finance dated 13th August 2020 with respect to changes made in E-Assessment under Section 143 (3A) of Income Tax...

Posted on 17 August 2020  (Downloads: 308) Income Tax

pdf File
866 KB

Latest Form 49A

This is Auto fill form with transgender, mother name updated and mother is only parents tick option......

Posted on 14 January 2019  (Downloads: 200) Income Tax

pdf File
153 KB

Assessment procedure summary PART-1

Assessment procedure summary PART-1...

Posted on 05 April 2019  (Downloads: 1361) Income Tax

zip File
7 KB

Form No 29C and Annex A

Contains New Format Report u/s 115JC of Income Tax Act relating to Calculation of MAT of LLP to be given by Chartered Accountant as per Notification No. 60/2011...

Posted on 06 December 2011  (Downloads: 643) Income Tax

doc File
32 KB

Tax Saving on ELSS

ELSS Mutual funds tool to save TAX ...

Posted on 16 September 2014  (Downloads: 379) Income Tax

pdf File
41 KB


All details relating to incorporation of LLP, Audit, Documentation, Merger of LLP etc. Useful for everyone....

Posted on 01 July 2009  (Downloads: 154) Income Tax

docx File
21 KB

Arrears of Salary & Other benefits and it's Taxability

For Students and Tax Professional...

Posted on 12 May 2016  (Downloads: 628) Income Tax

xls File
573 KB

All in One Income Tax for Fy 2012-13 for Govt & Pvt employee

All in One Income Tax preparation Excel utility for govt & Private employees ...

Posted on 06 November 2012  (Downloads: 945) Income Tax

xls File
17 KB

Mat calculation

it shows the mat calculation...

Posted on 06 November 2012  (Downloads: 1338) Income Tax

pdf File
371 KB


Useful for all....

Posted on 13 December 2011  (Downloads: 301) Income Tax


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