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Bank is liable for ATM fraud withdrawl

Bank is liable for ATM fraud withdrawl ...

Posted on 12 December 2014  (Downloads: 306) Others

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Service tax on lottery tickets sold

service tax on lottery tickets sold...

Posted on 12 December 2014  (Downloads: 140) Service Tax

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IT Offices Worked on 31-03-2012


Posted on 31 March 2012  (Downloads: 130) Income Tax

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Deposits in banks on Court orders - TDS

when the litigation amounts (as per court orders)are deposit with bank then the tds is deducted on which name ...

Posted on 20 October 2011  (Downloads: 395) Income Tax

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Vat rate increment 4 % to 5%

vat rate increased from 4 % to 5% in items falling under IV Schedule of APVAT act ...

Posted on 02 October 2011  (Downloads: 623) VAT

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PAN mandatory for jewellery purchase

pan mandatory...

Posted on 16 July 2011  (Downloads: 1253) Income Tax

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Minimum recommend fees for professinals

the CCBCAF&SMP Committee of ICAI is recommend the following fees...

Posted on 11 May 2011  (Downloads: 946) Audit

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MCA circular

e mode instead of certificate of posting...

Posted on 25 April 2011  (Downloads: 155) Corporate Law

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Payment of mca fees

payment of mca fees/electronic mode...

Posted on 01 April 2011  (Downloads: 406) Corporate Law

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Din process

getting of din number will be simplified...

Posted on 01 April 2011  (Downloads: 486) Corporate Law

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Gifts exempted

gifts are exempted received from following persons...

Posted on 18 March 2011  (Downloads: 1227) Income Tax

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Company registration

incorporation of companies can be simplified...

Posted on 12 March 2011  (Downloads: 603) Corporate Law

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Bank wise auditors list

bank wist auditors list...

Posted on 05 March 2011  (Downloads: 743) Audit

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Excise Abatement on Medicines

physicians samples assessment under excise...

Posted on 05 March 2011  (Downloads: 212) Excise

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Job work register

job work register...

Posted on 16 February 2011  (Downloads: 2177) Excise

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10 worst office manners

10 worst office manners irritating bossess so be cautious...

Posted on 16 February 2011  (Downloads: 2092) Others

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SSI scheme under central excise

ssi scheme under central excise...

Posted on 16 February 2011  (Downloads: 1208) Excise

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Din in it department

document identification number ny it dept...

Posted on 14 February 2011  (Downloads: 500) Income Tax

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Summary assessment

income tax summary assessment...

Posted on 01 February 2011  (Downloads: 685) Income Tax

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Posted on 12 November 2008  (Downloads: 211) Excise

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