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Service Tax Rate History & other Details

Service Tax Rate History & other Details Read more at: https://www.caclubindia.com/share_files/files_upload_form.asp...

Posted on 27 February 2019  (Downloads: 229) Service Tax

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All India Management Association v. CST

Courses (even when not approved by law) offered by higher educational institutions cannot be termed as "Commercial Coaching and Training". The Tribunal has accepted our argument and dropped demand for period even after 01.05.2011. Thus, demand under "comm...

Posted on 08 February 2019  (Downloads: 36) Service Tax

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Service Tax on Affiliation Services

No Service Tax is Chargeable on Affiliation fees collected by the University from other college. ...

Posted on 11 January 2019  (Downloads: 214) Service Tax

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No service tax on reimbursement - Supreme Court

Supreme Court in its landmark judgement dated 7.3.2018 has held that no service tax is payable on reimbursement of expenses....

Posted on 10 March 2018  (Downloads: 187) Service Tax

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Tax Talk 70th Issue (January 2018)

Tax Talk 70th Issue (January 2018)...

Posted on 05 January 2018  (Downloads: 213) Service Tax

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Highlights of CAG report on Service Tax

Highlights of CAG report on Service Tax...

Posted on 22 December 2017  (Downloads: 133) Service Tax

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Tax Talk 69th Issue (December 2017)

Tax Talk 69th Issue (December 2017)...

Posted on 04 December 2017  (Downloads: 140) Service Tax

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Tax Talk 66th Issue (September 2017)

Tax Talk 66th Issue (September 2017)...

Posted on 04 September 2017  (Downloads: 161) Service Tax

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Service Tax Rules 1994

Rules updated up to 30.04.2017 for CA-FINAL NOV.17 exams...

Posted on 07 August 2017  (Downloads: 289) Service Tax

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Mega Exemptions at one place


Posted on 07 August 2017  (Downloads: 517) Service Tax

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ST return for April to June to be submitted by 15th August

ST-3 Return file date for the period from 1-4-2017 to 30-06-2017...

Posted on 24 June 2017  (Downloads: 257) Service Tax

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Service Tax Abatements Chart

Summarized Chart for Service Tax Abatements...

Posted on 13 April 2017  (Downloads: 1906) Service Tax

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Service Tax - Notification 2017 (1 to 10)

Service Tax - Notification 2017 (1 to 10)...

Posted on 08 April 2017  (Downloads: 494) Service Tax

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Easy Mnemonic on Negative List

Negative List Mnemonic...

Posted on 07 April 2017  (Downloads: 725) Service Tax

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Service tax (reverse charge rates)

At a glance reverse charge rate chart - service tax...

Posted on 27 March 2017  (Downloads: 1243) Service Tax

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Service Tax Calculator

Calculator for Service Tax calculations - A.Y 2017-18...

Posted on 10 March 2017  (Downloads: 1412) Service Tax

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Tax Talk 60th Issue (March, 2017)

Tax Talk 60th Issue (March, 2017)...

Posted on 03 March 2017  (Downloads: 234) Service Tax

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Service tax interest calculation for F.Y 2016-17

Service tax interest calculator...

Posted on 10 February 2017  (Downloads: 4688) Service Tax

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Tour Operator Service -1-page Analysis - New Ntfn no.04.2017

A comprehensive analysis of the new Notification no. 04.2017 dated 12.01.2017 [related to Tour Operator Service] vis-a-viz Pre- and Post Amendment scenarios....

Posted on 30 January 2017  (Downloads: 292) Service Tax