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Download Files uploaded by CA. Raja Sekhar N

pdf File
12564 KB

CA Inter Indirect tax GST Flow charts Nov 2020

fully revised flow charts of GST for Nov 2020...

Posted on 06 October 2020  (Downloads: 986) Students

pdf File
18445 KB

CA Final IDT (GST and Customs) Flow Charts Nov 2020

Fully revised flow charts for GST and Customs for Nov 2020....

Posted on 06 October 2020  (Downloads: 1779) Students

pdf File
104 KB

Indexfile for CA Final IDT(GST&Custom) Flow charts May 2020

The file has index for pages in the CA final Indirect tax flowcharts May 2020. This was missed out when compiling the file. students can use these while reading the flow charts...

Posted on 23 March 2020  (Downloads: 1249) Students

pdf File
8204 KB

CA final Indirect tax (GST& Customs) flow charts May 2020

Flow charts on GST and Customs applicable for May 2020 exam. Useful for MCQ as well as practical problems. useful for CWA and CS students for june 2020...

Posted on 23 March 2020  (Downloads: 1867) Students

pdf File
12876 KB

CA Final IDT- GST and customs Flowcharts Nov 2019

IDT GST and Customs flow charts for concept quick revision and understanding. useful for case study and MCQ questions. ...

Posted on 10 October 2019  (Downloads: 3158) Students

pdf File
3335 KB

CA Inter(IPCC) IDT GST Flow charts May-June 2019

GST flow charts highly useful for Easy understanding and quick revision. Useful for attempting MCQ also...

Posted on 16 May 2019  (Downloads: 1221) Students

pdf File
8160 KB

CA Final IDT (GST & Customs Flow Charts May -June 2019

GST and Customs flow charts for easy Quick revision. useful for attempting MCQ Questions also...

Posted on 16 May 2019  (Downloads: 3262) Students

pdf File
3588 KB

CA Final IDT GST and Customs Flow charts Nov 2018

Flow charts for GST and Customs. Highly useful for understanding the concepts and Quick Revision...

Posted on 26 October 2018  (Downloads: 5908) Students

pdf File
3503 KB

CA Final IDT GST and Customs Flow charts May 2018

File contains quick revision for GST and Customs Flow charts. highly useful for understanding and revision....

Posted on 30 April 2018  (Downloads: 7627) Students

pdf File
10495 KB

CA Final Indirect tax and GST Flow charts Nov 2017

File contains GST, Service tax, Excise, and Customs flow charts for Nov 2017 Examination, Useful to CWA and CS also. read , enjoy and score good marks. More than 10000 students are reading this charts. Good luck....

Posted on 11 September 2017  (Downloads: 4409) Students

pdf File
3007 KB

CA Final Direct tax Flow charts May 2017

CA Final Direct tax Flow charts and summary notes, highly useful for easy understanding and quick revision. Fully exam oriented...

Posted on 28 March 2017  (Downloads: 7319) Students

pdf File
4873 KB

CA Final IDT Flow charts May 2017

Flow charts for CA final on Service tax, excise and customs and summary notes for may 2017. File is opened in Acrobat X or above. Load in mobile, tab, ipad, PC, read and enjoy. If you want a print, get a help from ur office or parents office. This a fre...

Posted on 21 February 2017  (Downloads: 7781) Students

pdf File
6028 KB

CA Final IDT Flow charts for Nov 2016

file contains flow charts and summary notes on IDT Service tax, excise and customs.Highly useful for students who do not get sufficient leave for exams. The notes is being followed by ,more than 10000 students and scoring marks between 55 to 80. Happy rea...

Posted on 30 August 2016  (Downloads: 3633) Students

pdf File
5757 KB

CA Final Indirect tax flow charts May 2016

The notes contains flow charts of CA final Indirect tax for May 2016 with Service tax, excise and customs. It is also useful for CS/CWA June 2016, Good wishes,...

Posted on 07 March 2016  (Downloads: 4700) Students

pdf File
7447 KB

CA final IDT Flow charts Nov 2015

Indirect flow chars for CA final/CWA, CS final. It is simple flow charts and table presentation of idt subject. Comments if any mail me. Good wishes ...

Posted on 21 September 2015  (Downloads: 3855) Students