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Income Tax - Salary TDS Excel Calculator AY 2019-20 FY 18-19

Easily Calculate Income Tax for Ye 31-03-2019 , FY 2018-19 AY 2019-20 with Excel Calculator Know about how to use the Calculator - https://youtu.be/bLZ74iCiipE...

Posted on 01 March 2018  (Downloads: 12558) Income Tax

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GST - To do check List (Transition Phase)

To view in detail - https://youtu.be/gNpTcAGqMWk Most Important to do list before TRANSITION. Important aspects covered which should be completed on or before 1 July 2017 (Appointed Date)....

Posted on 28 June 2017  (Downloads: 936) GST

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GST Invoices & Vouchers Formats in Excel

To watch & understand in details, watch through below mentioned links - https://youtu.be/fEwTVxpveLY - https://youtu.be/05znTyWquZw https://youtu.be/-442bvyCFcY https://youtu.be/g3vEiwjIL-Y https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtTiiMHFoGlWKr5kDr9o8...

Posted on 20 June 2017  (Downloads: 7144) GST

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GST Tax Invoice / Bill Format in Excel

To View Videos related to GST Formats & detailed discussion, click on the link below - https://youtu.be/g3vEiwjIL-Y https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtTiiMHFoGlWKr5kDr9o8a_mjK2weiNPm https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtTiiMHFoGlXbR-W56GhJxE...

Posted on 19 June 2017  (Downloads: 1874) GST

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Miscellaneous Transitional Provisions - Detailed Analysis

To watch related Video - https://youtu.be/rNEMGg7zEZs https://youtu.be/ruPoM3ZcLY4 https://youtu.be/y5iOt_X4f5w https://youtu.be/kbsRHPGqSEk Section 142 (1) Goods Returned after Appointed Date Section 142 (2) PRICE Revision Section 142 (3) REFU...

Posted on 14 June 2017  (Downloads: 426) GST

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Transitional Provisions - Input on Stock lying with Job worker

To watch related Video - https://youtu.be/ruPoM3ZcLY4 https://youtu.be/y5iOt_X4f5w https://youtu.be/kbsRHPGqSEk GST Transitional Provisions Complete Analysis of Section 141 under Goods & Service Tax (GST) What will happen to Input on Raw Material S...

Posted on 07 June 2017  (Downloads: 743) GST

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GST - Transitional Provisions Simple Explanation-Act & Rules

To watch related Video - https://youtu.be/y5iOt_X4f5w Basic provisions of transition in GST. How to carry forward Input tax credit of existing laws. ITC migration in GST, How to claim ITC at the time of migration in GST, How to claim ITC of o...

Posted on 05 June 2017  (Downloads: 778) GST

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Goods & Service TAX- REVERSE CHARGE (ACT & RULES simplified)

To Watch related GST VIDEO – https://youtu.be/SZAPmQGUI8k All at one Place - Reverse Charge What is Reverse Charge ?, Reverse Charge Provisions, Reverse Charge Rules, Categories specified under Reverse Charge, Registration, Return Provisions - Re...

Posted on 02 June 2017  (Downloads: 891) GST

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GST - Basic Concepts plus Impact Analysis - Industry wise

Impact of GST on various Goods & Services To Watch related GST VIDEO - https://youtu.be/8l6N_A3Gfdc Basi Concepts Impact on Automobile/ Computer/ Service Sector etc....

Posted on 01 June 2017  (Downloads: 1047) GST

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Shifting of Input on Closing Stock GST Transition Provisions

To Watch related GST VIDEO – https://youtu.be/kbsRHPGqSEk Shifting of existing Input Tax Credit on Closing Stock in GST - As per Transition Provision U/S 140(3) of CGST Act 2017. Impact Current Duty Liability V/s GST Regime What to do - Input T...

Posted on 30 May 2017  (Downloads: 928) GST

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GST Impact on Automobile Industry


Posted on 17 May 2017  (Downloads: 394) GST