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Compliance Calculator

Which gives an accuracy in verifying(compliance audit)/calculating ESI,PF,PT,TDS & TCS matters ......

Posted on 22 May 2013  (Downloads: 2617) Audit

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Telephone script

Some usful telephone script for your instant reference....

Posted on 30 September 2008  (Downloads: 664) Others

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CA Final Result Sheet

CA Final Result Sheet...

Posted on 17 September 2008  (Downloads: 1114) Students

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Article on Reasons for Outsourcing of HR

“Outsourcing is one of the Cost Reduction Tool ‘in companies” – Do you agree with this statement? If YES, I agree with your concern. If NO lets have a look on the facts......

Posted on 12 February 2008  (Downloads: 112) Career

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Email Etiquette

32 email etiquette tips for your understanding......

Posted on 03 February 2008  (Downloads: 413) Others

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BPO Service Kit

Contains a list of BPO Services, you may offer to your prospective clients across the industry......

Posted on 23 January 2008  (Downloads: 478) Career

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Kaizen means "improvement". Kaizen strategy calls for never-ending efforts for improvement involving everyone in the organization – managers and workers alike....

Posted on 13 December 2007  (Downloads: 278) Others

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How to set goals

How many of us know what a goal actually means? To most, goals are far too often everything they want to do. But is that really what a goal supposed to be? Here are some thoughts on it by Mr.Auditya of KEN GROUP....

Posted on 13 December 2007  (Downloads: 542) Career

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Excel Tutor

Excel Functions...

Posted on 06 November 2007  (Downloads: 674) Others

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Key Performance Indicators

Evaluation of Employee Performance...

Posted on 06 November 2007  (Downloads: 520) Others

Automated Data Entry into Tally, Zoho Books, Quickbooks Certificate in Quantitative Finance Program
Advanced Level Course on GST Returns and ITC Issues with CA Abhishek Raja Ram

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