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How to format an audit report?

Friends, we are good at preparing reports as per our institutes’ Standards and guidelines. But, most of us need to put some extra efforts to format the content of reports in MS- Word. I assure you that these posts links that I have listed below will hel...

Posted on 01 April 2012  (Downloads: 1335) Info Technology

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Excel - Format cells with conditions - Part II

In the previous post (Format Cells with Conditions) we formed a format string that displays value in thousands or millions with two digits rounding off along with K or M as suffix to indicate thousand/million..... Visit: http://msofficetuts.blogspot.c...

Posted on 24 February 2012  (Downloads: 1238) Info Technology

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Custom Format - Play with Colors

There are four in-built number formats available in excel under “Number Category” in Format cell dialog box, they are explained in given table.... Visit:

Posted on 13 February 2012  (Downloads: 935) Info Technology

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Customize the default format

Default cell format for excel workbook is ‘General’. This post will help you modify this format with the cell format you want. My earlier post spoke about creating number format that displays the negative symbol on right side of the number (refer p...

Posted on 06 February 2012  (Downloads: 170) Info Technology

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KM - Excel - Negative sign (right side of the number)

Use the following format style to display the negative sign on the right side of the number 0.00; 0.00- Here, we are using only two sections, but custom format string should have four sections, right? i.e. positive number; negative number; zer...

Posted on 04 February 2012  (Downloads: 648) Info Technology

pdf File
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UDF - User Defined Function - Excel

How to create simple user defined function? Read the file.....

Posted on 30 September 2010  (Downloads: 2105) Info Technology

pdf File
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Multi-Level Numbering

within 15 secs you can number 'n' number of rows.. ...

Posted on 03 September 2010  (Downloads: 963) Info Technology

xls File
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Vlookup - Why True & False?

Why we have to use TRUE or FALSE as range_lookup in Vlookup Formula... Check with this file...

Posted on 23 June 2010  (Downloads: 2374) Info Technology

doc File
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How to change default save option as Excel 97-2003 Workbook

Most of our clients are using Microsoft Excel 2003 only. Every time we have to save our working file as "Excel 97-2003 workbook". We can set the default save option as Excel 97-2003 workbook"... ...

Posted on 23 June 2010  (Downloads: 785) Info Technology

pdf File
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Excel - Advanced Filter

Dear friends, with this file, you can get an idea about how to use the Advanced Filter when the AutoFilter does not help you to get the desired result.. Hope you will enjoy it... Please suggest me for further improvement... thanx.....

Posted on 05 December 2007  (Downloads: 1213) Info Technology

doc File
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VLOOKUP - New Usage

u can learn the new usage of VLOOKUP function and how to use the mix formula to get desired result.. enjoy...

Posted on 14 October 2007  (Downloads: 1600) Info Technology

zip File
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MAFA - The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model

Dear friends, with this application u can value the Call and Put under The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model...

Posted on 21 September 2007  (Downloads: 688) Students

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